Accelerating App Development with ADaM Framework

Accelerating App Development
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Accelerating App Development with ADaM Framework

Product development and its lifecycle play a critical role in product-centric companies. Every company has a set of processes/workflows to develop and deliver applications or products. Every step is vital for the project delivery on time to the customers.

Nevertheless, companies need help to streamline the process, and relying on conventional methods is one of the reasons why the development cycle is delayed.

Development cycle delays slow down the deployment process, which no customer prefers. This can either dissatisfy the customer or lead to customer loss.

Either way, it is not good for the business’s growth. To avoid that, looking out for a solution/framework that can simplify the app development lifecycle and accelerate the implementation process is critical.

Why you should accelerate application development and deployment

There are three things every customer expects from an application development company.

  1. Amazing UI/UX matching the current industry trends and standards
  2. Faster development and deployment time
  3. Quicker modernization for improved performance

These are the points every mobile app development company must consider when developing an application for its customers. The conventional framework never meets these expectations of the clients, resulting in below-par customer satisfaction. This again leads to customer loss or negative feedback from the customer.

To avoid that, realizing the potential challenges associated with the traditional development and deployment framework practiced by companies is quintessential.

Conventional development and deployment framework challenges

The prime challenge with the traditional deployment process is having Go-live as the project’s end goal. When you go with such an approach, your deployment process gets delayed.

As every step in the process must be perfect before deployment, it takes longer than expected. Another huge setback is that the approach is incremental-friendly.

Say you have the Go-Live option at the end goal, you will be focusing only on releasing a product/application with minimal bugs, and you can’t really focus on industry enhancements and modernizing the product then and there.

This, again impacts the users’ expectations and experience. So, it is a must to have an approach that will help you release the product and modernize it whenever needed.

But, is it practical? Yes, say experts.

If you’re someone seeking an answer to this question, we have the solution covered in this post.

Introducing ADaM framework

The acronym ADaM stands for Accelerated Development and Migration Framework. As the name suggests, the framework helps businesses speed up the development process and migrate the application faster than expected.

A huge advantage of taking this approach is that you can improve the quality of the application whenever you want and don’t have to wait until the application is live.

This saves lots of time for developers, testers, and designers as they can fix the issues during the development stage rather than waiting until the go-live phase.

Also, as this phase allows for enhancements during the development stage, producing and delivering an application with an amazing UX experience to the users is absolutely possible.

This is how it works

The below image explains how this framework will help businesses move from conventional methods to ADaM framework approach.

As shown in the image above, the continuous delivery of innovations will help the application perform much better when handed over to the customer. Even their end users will be floored when using the application as it is designed to the current trend.

ADaM Framework –Overview

This is what the framework looks like. The below image showcases what the ADaM framework is all about and why it can accelerate the application development process for companies.  

What do you expect from this framework

Here are a few key outcomes you can expect from the framework.

There are five outcomes you will achieve from the project.

  1. Simple UX
  2. Standardized Microservices
  3. Streamlined workflows
  4. Security
  5. Accelerated development

Let’s get started with the first outcome – Simple UX.

1. Simple UX

  • Pre-built Figma components to simplify UX
  • Globalize and standardize UX across all devices to deliver seamless experience
  • Convert the design to Angular or React code to improve user experience

2. Standardized Microservices

  • Ready to deploy microservices
  • A growing library of automation across business functions
  • Ready to use standardized documentation

3. Streamlined workflows

  • Integration services/API toolkit to facilitate integration
  • Business process-based workflows and approval matrix across applications
  • Pre-configured integration rules

4. Security

  • Pre-defined security profiles across various groups
  • Automated test scripts covering end-to-end testing scenarios
  • Adhere to compliance using standardized test reports

5. Speed

  • Accelerated developed process using 50:20:30 concept
  • Standardized yet configured UX across web and mobile as per business requirement
  • Converting design to Angular or React Code

From the above outcomes, it is clear that the framework has automated workflows and pre-configured rules that can help you accelerate the application development process and deploy the application on time.

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So, to take your mobile application development company to the next level by increasing the user experience and standards, you must focus on the best practices and techniques. One such exciting framework is ADaM.

Today many companies have realized the practicability of this framework and have started to add this to the application development framework. The technique has enabled the companies to fast forward the application development process and deploy applications on time every time, saving lots of time, money, and effort.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your customer experience, wait no further. Try the ADaM framework.

Want to know more details? We can help.  

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