About Client

Our client is one of the largest and renowned construction organizations ranked among the world’s top 30 contractors in India. The company has been transforming cities and landscapes with structures of immense size and grandeur over the past seven decades.

The Challenge
The major challenge for the client is tracking and managing the assets across every point: starting right from entering the project zone to dispatch. The process was performed manually and it was backbreaking and time-consuming. The project managers faced the uphill tasks of tracking asset from inventory to project zone to the steel service centre to finished goods to dispatch. Most of the times, some materials were not used in any project and they weren’t accounted for. This again was increasing the procurement cost. The challenge impacted the project completion and most of the times the projects weren’t completed on-time.

The client was looking for a complete mobile app solution that solves the challenges of asset tracking during every phase once it was added to the inventory. The client wanted to hire the best Android app developers and reached out to us as we are a leading mobile application development company in India.

Key Results

  • 40% material cost savings
  • Improved production quality
  • On-time project delivery
  • Best resource utilisation

The Approach
We visited the construction plant. As we had already partnered with the client for a project before, we were able to visualize their pain points instantly. Our expert Android app developers suggested a comprehensive asset lifecycle management solution that allows for tracking products across all phases of any project using a QR-code enabled mobile app solution. We studied each and every scenario and suggested to the client how our solution would help resolve their problem.

Our Solution
We segmented the solution into 2 parts to address the challenges.

  • (I) QR-code for the materials associated with the project, unused, finished and dispatched. With the help of this, every material bundle is completely used and it was easy to track the material across any point.
  • (II) a mobile app for project managers to monitor materials used across different projects. This helped the client save material cost and complete project on-time.


40% Reduction in material cost

On-time completion

On the go

Improved production

Contract Lifecycle Management

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