About Client

Alstom is a leading supplier of train control systems for metros in India. With a full range of highly advanced products and solutions and a strong local footprint, it is well geared to participate in the upcoming rail transportation projects in India and South Asia, including high-speed train projects.

The Challenge

With distributed purchase & manufacturing teams across the world, Central Finance team was finding it very difficult to manage the bill approvals and vendor payments processes with multi department’s team approvals pending on items. Add to that multi-currency invoice with its conversion rates. The entire process of getting bills approved was through emails and it was daunting.

Alstom will be getting more than 200 bills from vendors on a daily basis. So the bills used to be scanned and it will move to various departments based on the hierarchy to get approved. Once it gets approved then the bill will be paid.

  • The paper workflow process took more than the expected time
  • Handling almost 60% of their transactions physically consuming 300 plus resources for their south Indian operations
  • So the client is aspiring for increased productivity in their financial transactions. The client was looking for an Android app development company to digitize their invoice process and workflow using a user-friendly Android app. 

Key Results

  • Solution developed within 2160 hours
  • Web Twain Scanner SDK integrated for faster document scanning
  • Pay pro Tool for generating vendor payment receipts

Our Approach

Alstom was an existing client of HM. First engagement was very minor work. Client was facing a problem with their existing tool called Attendance Management System. HM supported them to fix the issue with the tool. And we got approved from Alstom as a registered vendor. And then we got a project to give them a solution.

  • Proposed a user-friendly collaborative workflow system – Android application for invoice processing – which brings all parties together with role-based authentication and inbuilt workflow notifications.
  • Flexible workflow based on the type of invoice.
  • Developed a future-adaptable and scalable system to embrace all Units.
  • Devised a project plan to address each module and implemented it in stages.

The Solution

The Android application for invoice processing was developed with the help of our 3 expert Android app developers of the team within 2160 hours.

  • Web Twain Scanner SDK has been integrated with the web tool to enable scanning of physical documents & storing them.
  • Took inputs from the beta run and reworked on areas to incorporate their feedback.
  • Pay pro Tool has been created for generating and sending payment receipts to the vendors.


Quick approvals

One-click report

Improved efficiency

Faster processing

Invoice Processing

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