About Client

Our client, a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory, healthcare & technical furniture products, had an operations challenge – maintaining the security of the labs efficiently with a streamlined process and real-time alerts. We took up the challenge and proposed a digital transformation of the process. We did not stop at that. As we developed a comprehensive solution, we also delivered them a product that they can sell to their customers as an off the shelf – thereby giving them a whole new revenue stream.

The Background
Our client maintains labs for several renowned organizations, which need to be secured facilities. This requires a process-driven approach to security, including a series of checks performed on the equipment in the labs a regular basis that requires recording, monitoring and reporting. The client was looking for a more efficient, streamlined, technology-enabled process that is failsafe. Our prior experience in delivering applications to make checklist driven processes efficient caught the imagination of the client.

Key Results

  • 24/7 Viability to equipment data
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Efficient monitoring at minimal cost
  • Predictive intelligence for equipment security

The Challenge

Even as we built a tiger team to build a world-class application for the client, we had to overcome significant challenges.

  • An easy to use mobile and tablet application for users on the floor to carry out all the checks in the lab – developed in Native platform across both Android & iOS.
  • A web portal to monitor the laboratories through dashboards and reports.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • A fully customizable, ready to deploy the system with the ability to easily set up labs, equipment and testers by the admin.

Our Solution

Hakuna Matata’s solution was multi-pronged.

  • Laboratories being subject to heavy regulations, the solution had to stand the test of intense scrutiny of multiple stakeholders and testing.
  • The project had super short deadlines with requirements evolving dynamically even through the development phase.
  • Providing offline support across all the devices for the application was also a challenging task.
  • The application was envisioned and developed as a completely customizable product, which the client can configure and maintain for all of their customers, which required a technologically nuanced approach.



Real-time monitoring

Pedictive intelligence

Custom product

24/7 visibility

Preventive Maintenance

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