About Client

Our client, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, is a leading integrated, value-added solutions provider for infrastructure, industrial packaging and speciality chemicals for water treatment. The company is a one-stop destination for its customers’ infrastructure needs in the value-added, science-led sustainable manufacturing supply chain. Their Specialty Chemicals division manufactures and supplies water treatment chemicals to various industries.

The Challenge

The client’s shop floor operations data had to be measured in real-time, including the machine and labour data. The manufacturing plant managers were accessing the machine and operator data manually. Measuring the overall production efficiency and preventing downtime was challenging. Lack of real-time data led to increase in overhead, production cost and low productivity rate. This was hindering their growth and beating the brimming competition. Simply put, the client was looking for a shop floor automation solution to improve their overall efficiency and they reached us as we are recognized as a top IoT app development company in India.

Key Results

  • 30% Labour and production cost savings
  • Improved production quality
  • Increased floor productivity
  • Cost-effective machine maintenance

Our Approach

Being one of the best IoT solution providers in India, our team of experts visited the plant. Understanding the challenge, we started working on a solution that would help the plant managers to track, monitor and measure the machine performance. The challenge for our IoT app developers was to develop an IoT application that should not only provide managers with real-time data but also enabled them to measure labour efficiency and improve production quality & performance.

  • Arriving at a one-stop solution to track end to end the material’s journey through the Yard and the site.
  • Developing a technology solution that’s easy to use in a construction site scenario
  • Evolving business requirements and short timelines

Our Solution

We proposed an Industry 4.0 solution, IoT mobile app, for digitizing the shop floor operations. The IoT device was implemented in selected machines to capture the real-time data. The data was used to improve the maintenance cycles of the machines, which furthered efficiency. The operators had a mobile app to access the machine data on-the-go and this was pushed to the Private Cloud of the client. The solution also enabled the managers to look into the labour efficiency and day-to-day machine performance using a web dashboard instantly. The smart manufacturing solution for shop floor helped the Manufacturing giant save time and money.


Shop Floor Automation

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