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You have launched your mobile app; with bated breath closely tracking the number of downloads/installations. With the crossing of each milestone number, the excitement increases. After all, the more your product is lapped up, the indicator it is that you have hit the sweetspot. And we all know that strong metrics are fundamental to building strong products. But, which metrics tell you the real story? How do you actually know that your customers are getting tangible value out of your product? While the complete story depends on multiple factors, including metrics, reviews & feedback, shares, revenues and even market buzz, user engagement is a good indicator that users are realizing value out of your product. And if users are realizing value, they are more likely to stay, refer and bring revenues… and help you grow. There are many ways in which user engagement can be measured. The choice of metrics depends on a number of factors, including the type of product, the audience being targeted, the age of the product, and many more. You can read more in our blog on “A simple guide to app analytics.” Let’s look at a logical structure of metrics for measuring user engagement.
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