Field Sales Automation

Comprehensive Field Service Management Software

Advanced Field Service Software to perform sales, order management, collection and service

Solution for Field Sales Tracking.

Our field force automation solution enables sales team

to monitor, track, measure and improve on field activities.

Field sales process has its own challenges like service delivery optimization, tracking sales activities using real-time communication and rising operational costs as it’s operations are widespread. Failing to track, improve the on-field activities of sales force can have a direct impact on your business productivity, ROI, growth. In short, a field sales tracking and management app addresses to the challenges of both the sales force and managers.
Automating and streamlining the field sales activities like assigning resources based on job priority, journey planning, meeting customers, creating to-dos, adding notes, sending reports etc. will simplify the day-to-day tasks of reps and help the tasks on-time and improves customer experience. At the same time, the sales tracking software also helps the managers with real-time data to stay connected to sales workforce out for activities at any time.


Plan your Sales/Service
Create and track Journey Plans, Set Targets to sales executives based on individual, area and region.
Journey Replay
Track your Sales Executives on the Map and the route replay for the past days.
Customer Visit Entries & Actions Performed
Validate the customer visit logs and activities performed by Sales Executive. Look for Sales Closed/Invoice collected.
Track Your Targets
Create transparency in the targets and regular notifications to boost your sales executives achievement.
Set your next action Plan/visit, create Task, Record audio and textual notes, log various actions performed.
Expense Tracking
Manage all your field sales expenses in one place. Review and approve the claims with one click.
Daily Reports and Dashboards
Track all your field sales activities under one roof, manage your employees and customers with ease of access.
Product Cataloging
Manage your products digitally and enable field reps to access available products and pricing.

Run your Field Sales Operations
at Highest Efficiency

How Our Field Sales Mobile App Will Help Your Enterprise?

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Automates Sales Process

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Accelerates On-Field Sales Activities.

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Enhances Customer Satisfaction

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Provides Real-Time Insights

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Empowers with end-to-end Field Sales Management

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