3 Technologies That Will Transform Customer Experience in 2022

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3 Technologies That Will Transform Customer Experience in 2022

A customer is the most critical aspect of any business. Every business is striving hard to satisfy its customers with the help of best-in-class services, products, support, and technology. While many succeed, some falter.

What do you think is the major difference between the companies that succeed and others?

Well, the winning companies are technology-driven and they invest in the right technology, tools and partner with a right digital transformation services or web application development company to develop products, offer services and support to engage better with customers.

Understanding Customers’ Expectations and Behaviours

With the modern-day customers’ expectations and shopping behaviours changing wildly, businesses must identify the most reliable and advanced technology or tools that will help them garner the attention of customers and help in delivering an unparalleled experience the customers will never forget.

Today’s customer wants to (a) be valued, (b) served well across multiple touch points with minimal hassle, (c) enjoy different options, and (d) engage in a personalized fashion.

Also, today’s customers are smart enough to think through what will happen post purchase of a product or consuming a service. They look out for a simple, prompt response that will help them utilize the fullest benefits of the product or service they’re using. And, this is highly possible with the help of re-creating the experience of customers with technology advancements.

3 Technologies That Will Transform Customer Experience in 2022

As technology is ever evolving, it is quintessential to have know-how on the most recent advancements in the digital arena to keep customers amused and engaged.

Even though next-gen technologies have opened several new possibilities in customer experience, the question for any organization is how they wish to transform the customer experience (based on how the customers are changing) in the future and then decide on the technologies to be adopted. After all, technologies will keep evolving.

Here are the 3 technologies that have the potential to transform customer experience in 2022-2023.

AI, ML and the Human Connection

Most organizations invest in Artificial Intelligence as they apparently know that AI not just saves the only cost but can offer a plethora of benefits. Businesses look at AI to strengthen the human connections they have with their customers and enhance the overall customer experience.

With AI, they can create intelligent feedback mechanisms that detect a customer’s engagement when interacting with a specific product/service.

This data can be used to re-define customer support processes, customer interactions, and product/service features. Using AI gives companies the ability to get a grip on the customer journey and sentiment as they traverse through the product/service and with that a better understanding of the lifetime value of a customer.

Machine Learning is rapidly changing the way users consume data. By using algorithms that iteratively discover from data, ML allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed.

This changes the game as analytical models are exposed to new data. This enables companies to make informed decisions on customer engagement in real time.

When ML is integrated with AI, the customer service bots can become more intelligent and strengthen the human connection by responding to the questions faster and accurate.

ML will enable companies to identify issues on-time to avoid challenges. Also, it can take all the data leading up to a positive experience and learn the difference between positive and negative. If there is a potentially negative experience on the anvil, ML will push the data to AI to decide the next step to improve it.

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Digital transformation and Self-service

Customer support with AI is a breeze. According to several reports, most consumers prefer texting rather talking to an executive. With AI Chatbots, this is super easy to offer simple and efficient customer support at a reduced cost.  

Creating FAQ bots for each product/service, the bot can answer almost 78% of general queries from customers and only difficult and specific questions will be handed over to the humans for answers.

Mobility and Engagement

Mobile apps that create personalized engagement create an exceptional customer experience. By providing a mobile app to a customer, any business can stay tuned with the user 24/7. This powers the business with lots of opportunities to engage with customers better and convert them.

The biggest opportunity we are witnessing is the delivery of an on-the-go after sales experience. While many organizations have mastered the art of timely transactional notifications, delivery updates and after-sales content, there is a great deal to be achieved on how you quickly and warmly welcome customer through the mobile and provide information/offers/support right after point of sale.

By now, you’d have realized that digital technology advancements discussed above will dominate the enterprise landscape.

Don’t know how to get started with transforming your business using advanced digital solutions? Let’s talk.

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