Digital Manufacturing: Top 7 Challenges CIOs Face in 2022

Digital Manufacturing: Top 7 Challenges CIOs Face in 2020
Digital Transformation

Digital Manufacturing: Top 7 Challenges CIOs Face in 2022

According to industry leaders, manufacturing companies will see CIOs leading the digital transformation efforts from the front.  

With said that, I would jot down 7 challenges that await IT in 2022 when it comes to planning & implementing digital transformation initiatives at their Manufacturing companies.  

Remember, CIOs that foresee and invest in manufacturing business transformations are becoming the future CEOs according to experts. 

  1. Management buy-in

CIOs have a good grasp of the enterprise ecosystem better than anyone else. Even though the CEOs are decision-makers, involving IT heads will help the manufacturing decision-makers to zero in on the digital transformation initiatives that are realistic and budget-friendly. 

Only CIOs can persuade the management team with the right technology, tools, and directions for making the digital transformation program successful. 

2. Stakeholder pushback/resistance

A huge challenge for CIOs is taking the new programs to the stakeholders and making it workable. Remember, most employees, customers or even some C-level executives won’t prefer changing the way they work with a new technology or tool. 

CIOs open communication channels with stakeholders frequently regarding the new programs planned and how it will enhance the existing process and benefit stakeholders. 

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3. Technology adoption & efficient operations

Remember, not every company needs a digital transformation. Only the IT team can ensure which technology should be updated or reinvented. Again implementing new technology can be expensive and time-consuming. 

The involvement of IT can help the management overcome the technology adoption challenges and make the operations seamless and cost-effective. 

4. RoI improvement

CIOs are responsible for seamless operations across the manufacturing company as this contributes to faster productivity and business RoI. So, the new technology adoption and transitions must ensure that the production process is painless and super easy. 

CIOs should help management by suggesting the right technology or investments that will ease the production process and improve RoI. 

5. Data security

Digitizing and digitalizing manufacturing processes with digital solutions help manufacturers garner a huge volume of data from different processes. With connected devices and data collected at different touchpoints, ensuring data security would be on the top of the CIOs agenda. 

6. Skill gap

The digital transformation of manufacturing is a long haul and having adequate and skilled resources is critical throughout the program for its success. Most companies face problems when it comes to rolling out digital programs due to limited or short of skilled resources. 

Addressing the skill gap before getting started with a digital reinvention will be topping the list of most CIOs of manufacturing companies in 2022. 

7. Regulatory changes

Regulatory changes impact the overall flow and RoI of the business. CIOs must ensure the new digital initiatives should not hamper the rules and lead to a financial debacle. Predicting the regulatory changes before time will help IT to make the company remain profitable. 

So, there is no denying the fact that the year 2022 will offer surplus opportunities to CIOs of manufacturing companies and with a help of leading digital transformation services all the shortcomings can be easily overcome.