6 Challenges That Can Be Solved With The EHS Management System

EHS Management System
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6 Challenges That Can Be Solved With The EHS Management System

As a CEO of a company, running your business more effectively will be your biggest challenge. Every business involves complex processes and the solutions to address these challenges vary. Nevertheless, there is a common challenge that every industry faces on a daily basis: workplace and employee safety and the best way to overcome this challenge is by partnering with reliable digital transformation services or with a web application development company

Ensuring the safety standards in a company is a must for any business owner as this it demonstrates the leader’s commitment towards the employees. Also introducing the safety standards for employees will reduce the potential mishaps happening in the work environment.

This is the reason why most industry leaders have adopted Employee Health Safety Management systems to keep a tab on employee and workplace safety. 

EHS Management Software – Market Size

According to a report from Statista, a global research leader, the market size of the environmental health and safety (EHS) software market size worldwide is exploding from 930 mn (USD) in 2016 to 1410 mn (USD) in 2020. 

Environmental health and safety (EHS) StatistaFrom the above statistics, it is evident that most industries are investing in EHS management solution to improve their workplace safety. 

Some of the challenges businesses face due to lack of comprehensive EHS management systems are listed below 

    • Manual incident reporting – Identifying threats or defects in the workplace is extremely hard as employees have to perform this manually. Involves a lot of paper-based process, resulting in time delays and increased spending. 
    • Unsafe work environment – Having an environment with defects or damages will be difficult for both the employees and business owners as any accidents within the workplace will affect the overall morale of all the workforce in the entire company. 
    • Demotivated employees – No employees would prefer to work in a location where there are no safety measures implemented. Most often the fear of potential accidents looming in the future will be clocking in their mind, leading to productivity loss. 
    • Increased risk – According to different reports, more than 65% of fatalities happen in the project zone where there are zero safety measures. 
    • Tiresome change management – The process of change management involves a lot of processes and without a proper system in place, managing the changes will be a nightmare to business owners. Lack of system hurts the leaders as they won’t have any clue on the process from initiation to full completion and visibility across different departments, facilities.
    • Non-compliance – Every industry has a set of protocols for employees and most often sharing the same with new employees every time won’t be easy, however extremely important to avoid legal complications. 

With an incident management system in place (you can set up one with help of a leading IoT app development company), ensuring your workplace and employee safety becomes seamless and helps you avoid the potential challenges discussed above. 

Stated below are some of the ways a digital

 will help your business. 

1. Automates incident reporting 

Enables the workforce to monitor, investigate and report on incidents on-the-go using a user-friendly mobile app. This helps the employees to capture and submit mishaps in the project zone quicker and easier. 

2. Helps assess equipment availability & conditions

Enables the workforce to perform the everyday equipment checks seamlessly with a click of a button in the application. The data will be updated in the backend instantly. This saves the time of both the workforce and managers. 

3. Aids in raising observations instantly

Raise observations for faulty or missing equipment to respective authorities on the go. Any workforce can capture a photo of the faulty or missing equipment and push it to the managers to perform the corrective actions. 

4. Helps enable faster corrective actions

Generally, submitted safety observations takes a long time when performed manually as there will be many levels of approvals. However, with a system in place and real-time data authorities will be able to make corrective actions faster.

5. Reduces risk

As the app helps employees to perform the actions from anywhere or any part of the project zone without any hassle and ensures faster corrective actions employees feel safe and secure. This reduces the risks involved in the project zone. 

6. Motivates employees

With a faster way of reporting any accidents within the environment motivates employees and improve productivity.

7. Seamless change management & compliance

EHS management system helps the enterprises with seamless change management as they complete control of the initiatives from start to end, including documentation. Also, the app will ensure the employees stay compliant as the workplace protocols can be shared through the application to any new employee without any difficulty. 

Well, by now you’d have realized that adding EHS management software to your business will improve employee and workplace safety. 

If you’re looking for an EHS management solution that works for your business, then this post is exclusively for you. 

But, how do you select one from the millions of software available in the market?

The right way to implement a solution that works for your business is to partnering an expert business transformation company

Here are a few things you can consider.

  • Industry expertise
  • Age of company
  • App development experts
  • Transparent communication
  • Hands-on experience to advanced tools, technologies
  • Proven track record

Are you looking for a partner to transform your workplace and employee safety requirements? 

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