No-Code Analytics – Supercharge Your Manufacturing Operations Smartly

No-Code Analytics
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No-Code Analytics – Supercharge Your Manufacturing Operations Smartly

Digital transformation is revolutionizing manufacturing companies, and this trend is all set to continue. The evolution of technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Mobile Applications, Cloud, etc. are transforming the way manufacturing shop floors work. And companies leveraging these technologies thrive and others just falter.

Manufacturers have many challenges to negotiate.

To name a few are

  • Manual or partially automated processes
  • Inventory management
  • Lack of visibility on the shop floor operations
  • Lack of technology, tools and resources
  • Expensive machine maintenance
  • Manual asset tracking and management

All the above challenges hamper the production rate, and manufacturers are left with no choice but to invest in digital transformation solutions to accelerate their shop floor operations.

Many companies have switched to no code analytics as it is simple and efficient. With a no-code analytics platform, manufacturers can amplify their production while reducing machine maintenance costs. Above all, they can harness real-time data and analyze the trends to prevent machine failures and plan for improvements well in advance.

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. (Source: Gartner)

Today, I will walk you through the benefits of using no code analytics platform for your manufacturing unit. Let’s dive deep into the discussion.

What is no codes analytics platform

No code is a part of Machine Learning program to help companies implement Artificial Intelligence models using visual, drag and drop interface with zero coding. This is a boon to small, medium-sized businesses as they don’t have to rope in seasoned developers to implement AI models on the shop floor. This way, companies can save overhead costs as the no-code analytics platform reduces the complexity associated with the deployment program.

Top benefits of using no-code analytics platform for manufacturing operations.

Encourages citizen developers 

Generally, it is the shop floor where the entire operation of the manufacturing unit is concentrated. Developing any application deploying the same on the shop floor takes weeks or even months, depending on the complexity. The involvement of the IT department is a must to achieve this.

But with the help of no code analytics platform, even citizen developers on the shop floor can build any application quickly. They don’t need the IT team’s support, which frees that team to focus core manufacturing activities. The drag-and-drop visual interface helps the citizen developers build applications that suit the requirement rather than waiting for the IT team to build one.

This saves time and accelerates productivity. All the IT team has to oversee the programs and ensure the security standards aren’t breached. As the citizen developers don’t have the right expertise to build safe applications, the IT team can help them with safety standardization to comply with the business regulations.

Eliminates backlog for IT team

The IT team don’t have to sweat it out as they face an array of tickets every day from the floor operations. It consumes much time and effort. With the help of no code analytics, the IT team can expect fewer tickets, which significantly reduces the backlog. Also, they can provide faster solutions to problems, adding more value to the company.

Reduces machine maintenance costs

Managing machines is a headache for many manufacturers and requires much effort, time and cost. No code platforms help manufacturers with connected devices using smart technologies to predict and prevent machine failures.

IoT, AI and Cloud are the most widely used technologies to manage machines. With the trio’s help, collecting and processing data becomes simpler and making sensible decisions out of the data is even faster. Preventing machine failures or breakdowns well in advance helps manufacturers to save time and cost. Also, the process improves the operational efficiency on the shop floor.

Unleashes the power of connected devices for business continuity 

As you can build applications quickly on the shop floor, connecting the other operations like inventory, machine health checkups, and asset tracking becomes easier. All these processes performed manually incur a lot of effort and cost in addition to time.

With a low or no code analytics platform, tracking the performance of every department associated with the shop floor is simple and seamless. With the complete data in hand, planning and advancing the operations is relatively easy.

Connected devices also help manufacturers to deal with data from different locations, and departments under one roof. Using the integrated and centralized data, making intelligent decisions is a breeze.


Improves collaboration between IT and shop floor users

The connectivity between shop floor users and IT is broken due to heavy backlogs and frequent tickets on the day to day basis. The problem is due to the lack of integrated systems between them. The no-code analytics platform enables shop floor users to connect with IT only for minor glitches as they can manage most problems independently.

In other words, no code analytics platforms integrate the shop floor users and IT department to bring more value to the company. This fast-forwards the operations and ensures product development on the shop floor.

Wrapping up

So, no code analytics platform, by all means, is a must for manufacturers, owing to its incredible benefits. But, the most challenging part for manufacturing heads is finding the right platform for their unique needs. If you’re looking for one, I can help you with a reliable platform.

Lumenore is a potent, reliable, and intelligent platform that will empower your shop floor users and IT team. With the help of the platform, you can forecast better supply demand, integrate intelligence with IoT devices, predict machine health and breakdowns, evaluate equipment availability, etc., to make faster and smarter decisions.

You can try the platform to explore its benefits and understand how it works.

The manufacturing industry is expanding fast, and only companies that leverage the power of technology and advanced tools are thriving. If you’re planning to improve your shop floor operations while simplifying the process and cost, then look no further can implementing a no-code analytics platform for your unit.

We are experts if you need more details about no code analytics or shop floor process improvements.

Wait no further. It’s now or never. Take your first step towards the digital manufacturing revolution.