Compliance checklist for equipment’s preventive maintenance

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Compliance checklist for equipment’s preventive maintenance

Having a preventive maintenance plan is the most crucial part of any large-scale manufacturing industry as it acts as a contingency plan in case of an unexpected outage. But is having a strategy itself is enough? It would be best to tailor your preventive maintenance plan according to your company’s facility and maintenance tasks. It is essential to know the anatomy of the plant before developing a preventive maintenance checklist

Here’s what you can do. You can develop a skeleton consisting of the basic details of the plant and the equipment along with the desired goals. Now comes the central part, a checklist. Every mediocre task can reap benefits from a simple checklist. Imagine how easy it would be to break down a set of complex functions into an easy checklist. That’s what you need to maintain a smooth workflow. Keep reading as we walk you through some basic guidelines to create the ultimate checklist for your facility. 

What exactly is a preventive maintenance checklist?

preventive maintenance checklist is described as a set of tasks or instructions that helps technicians in executing the preventive maintenance plan, just as the name suggests.                         

Having a checklist can streamline many common operations as well as tackle complex maintenance tasks. Being proactive is always better than being reactive. A standardised checklist for various equipment parts and their functions will guide the on-site technicians to perform periodical audits and maintenance effortlessly.  

An effective PM checklist should focus on the following aspects.

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution,” and this is precisely the aim of curating an accurate checklist. A good checklist can cut up to 20% maintenance costs and boost the overall revenue. A preventive maintenance checklist can be beneficial only if it’s created based on all the vital information. A practical checklist should consist of every element about various factors from functionality to uptime. Of course, a successful execution results in equipment longevity.

Let’s look at some of the crucial elements of a preventive maintenance checklist we have put together for you.

  • Safety- Protecting the plant = protecting the employees. Safety has to be the topmost priority before diving into any task related to maintenance. The technicians must wear the appropriate protective gear on the site.
  • Priority-  Organising your functions from highest to lowest priority is the first thing you need to do. Consider this as a prerequisite to your main checklist. The priority of your list is usually based on the type of preventive maintenance plan you adopt. For example, time-based maintenance typically focuses on the calendar schedule as time is the main event to ensure maintenance checks.
  • Design- The checklist must be carefully designed and organized sequentially, starting from baseline and moving towards the core operations to enable effective task accomplishment. The framework must be tabulated concerning the equipment guidelines with great attention to detail to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Conciseness- The technicians should be able to comprehend the instructions without any difficulty as it aids in unraveling the potential problems. Any difficulty during this phase could lead to catastrophic failure eventually. A pictorial representation in the form of a flowchart, for example, can also help the technicians to identify the issue without any ambiguity and act accordingly.
  • Compliance with facility guidelines- Following the maintenance schedule strictly and enabling critical care when needed as per the ongoing conditions is essential. Maintaining precise data records about the machine history, current equipment information, and inventory management are necessary.
  • Updating the checklist- Updating the list is equally important to pinpoint whether the necessary actions are performed or due. It also helps in maintaining timely audits and eradicate possible human errors.  

Enable Manufacturing Companies with Industry 4.0 SolutionsAdvantages of having a PM checklist for your equipment 

  • Improved safety
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Record a comprehensive history of the equipment
  • Quick troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Streamline maintenance procedures
  • Cost-effective operations and reduced maintenance expenditure
  • Prevent miscommunication
  • Inspect, detect, prevent and reduce downtime
  • Risk mitigation in early stages
  • Boosted performance and reliability
  • Enhanced longevity

A preventive maintenance checklist is an optimal solution for effective facility management. A wide range of checklists is available out there. You can curate your customized list according to your goals to maintain a systematic workflow.

Talk to our experts to know more about the compliance checklist and how it can benefit your facility’s overall quality, sustainability, and performance.