Digital Manufacturing Dashboard

Digital Manufacturing Dashboard

Leverage real-time manufacturing data to track important KPIs and make informed decisions using our interactive digital dashboard. 

  • 100% Transparency
  • 100% Data accessibility 
  • 100% Actionable insights 
  • 100% Improved productivity

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Innovative Digital Manufacturing Dashboard.

Delivering a high level of performance requires backbreaking efforts. To achieve that, manufacturers must innovate and act fast to beat the competition.
Our intuitive yet easy-to-use digital manufacturing dashboard enables you to harness data from machines and production units and bring everything under an umbrella to improve production and efficiency.
Leverage the dashboard to ensure the seamless operations of machines by identifying unseen issues hampering your production and performance. Utilize the graphs, tables, and other visualizations on the dashboard to monitor, track and improve KPIs for improved manufacturing efficiency.
Make data-driven decisions from anywhere and anytime using our advanced digital manufacturing dashboard.

Why Digital Dashboard.


Automated data collection

Harness the data from machines and production units without any hassle. No manual efforts are required. Automate the data collection to analyze and free up resources to focus on production.

Streamlined communication

Lack of transparency is a challenge for manufacturers. Leverage the dashboard to communicate data efficiently to improve productivity on the floor.

Centralized data accessibility

Say goodbye to legacy and manual way of organizing collected data. The inaccurate data due to man-made errors can devoid you from making the right decisions.

Machine improvement

Analyzing machines and ensuring their safety tops the manufacturers' list considering the maintenance cost. Use the dashboard to analyze machine performance effortlessly.

Inventory management

Managing inventory can sometimes be backbreaking for companies. Find out machine parts entering and leaving manufacturing premises. Also, discover what is new and what is available using the dashboard.

Machine use

Manufacturing efficiency depends on machines used for production. Machines unavailable or not occupied for a long time can cost your company dearly. Use the dashboard to avoid this.

Why our Digital Manufacturing Dashboard.


Accurate data collection

• Quick data collection
• 100% Accuracy
• Simple and easy to digest data

Machine Safety

• Manage machines wisely
• Prevent machine failures well in advance
• Reduce machine maintenance cost

Product delivery

• Monitor every product manufactured
• Estimate the difference between planned vs. estimated delivery
• Improve production rate

Benefits of Real-time Dashboard.


Workforce Empowerment

Track the workforce with the latest technologies and tools to improve production in real-time.

Real-time analytics

Leverage real-time analytics to realize what's happening on the production floor.

Data-driven decisions

Track and analyze what went wrong on the floor and make intelligent decisions for improvement.

Improved efficiency

Check every data under one roof and act smartly to improve production efficiency.

Why Us?

Design thinking

Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop tailor made optimal solutions for your business.

Domain expertise

We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking at every level of the development.

Client experience

We have over 16+ years of Experience in creating innovative products for the top manufacturers across the globe.
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