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Leverage our custom build product engineering services to streamline operations and drive growth.

  • 16+ years of skin in the game
  • A team of world-class app developers
  • End-to-end implementation
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    Product Engineering Services Overview.

    We empower manufacturing, logistics, and retail companies across the globe to transform their business ideas into market-ready products. We function as an end-to-end software product engineering partner and handle diverse aspects of the product lifecycle such as ideation & design, prototyping, finding product-market fit, full product development, launch, and scaling.
    At Hakuna Matata, we’ve made it our mission to support your journey towards digitization and growth. We can enable your enterprise to keep pace with rapidly evolving market demands, deliver hyper-targeted services, and deploy leading-edge software product engineering.
    By working closely with your company’s existing product engineering services team we can design, develop, and enhance your customer facing as well as enterprise applications. Our solutions can help you stay agile, competitive, responsive and ahead of the curve.

    Our DevOps Pipeline.

    Our Approach.



    Refine your idea to understand your users persona, design the wireframes and Screens to validate your idea using our CB4UBD model.


    Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in few weeks to go to market with a soft launch to gather use feedback.


    Get user feedbacks to modify and enhance the product till you achieve Product-Market fit.


    Improve the product by taking care of scalability, performance, and usability through continuous improvement and innovation.

    Technologies We Use.

    Our Services.

    New Product Development

    New Product Development

    Translate abstract ideas into cutting-edge products with the power of product thinking and an innovation mindset. Quickly develop a working prototype or MVP having essential features and test it with your target customers.
    Continuous Product Innovation

    Continuous Product Innovation

    Continuous innovation encompasses a comprehensive set of organizational capabilities such as operational excellence, technology infrastructure to support continuous delivery, and an innovation mindset that’s perfectly in tune with evolving market demands.
    Product Implementation

    Product Implementation

    As part of our full lifecycle support, our CoE team helps you with integrations, customizations, enhancements and deployment. We walk the extra mile to ensure that they are technically accurate and well-tested prior to going live.
    Quality Engineering

    Quality Engineering

    We integrate Quality Engineering into every aspect of the product development lifecycle and do not pursue a separate testing phase. Giving you an early edge in making the product market ready before competitors.
    Agile Development

    Agile Development

    Agile development is no longer just a luxury but rather an imminent need. Our Agile Development model includes Agile strategy & consulting, Enterprise agile strategy & implementation, and Agile coaching and mentoring.
    Agile DevOps services

    Agile DevOps services

    As part of our core product engineering services, we provide the following DevOps implementation services - DevOps strategy & consulting, Enterprise DevOps implementation and automate core DevOps processes across the development to delivery pipeline.

    Why Us?

    Design thinking

    Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

    Domain expertise

    We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

    Client experience

    Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.

    Our Value Proposition.

    Rich UX

    Seamless UX

    We use our rich and vast experience in developing user-centric UX/UI that blend usability, experience and impact.
    Scalable Architecture

    Scalable Architecture

    We develop systems with Micro App architecture for greater scalability.
    Tested Sdk

    Rapid application development

    We employ robust SDK libraries for different functionalities to ensure a high performing application.


    We leverage DevOPS methodology for efficient testing, maintenance and support.

    Technology Excellence

    We use advanced capabilities in integrating tools like Google Maps for adding the touch of reliability, sophistication and usability.

    Powerful Analytics

    We bake in a powerful Analytics platform to track, monitor and manage the system performance.
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