Asset Lifecycle Management Solution

Mission-Critical Asset Lifecycle Management Solution

Gain Complete Control on Your Assets from Procurement to Disposal.

Solution for Asset Tracking and Management.

Our Asset tracking solution enables you to calculate

asset ROI seamlessly from procurement to disposal across all sites.

Industries like Manufacturing, Constructions etc. use assets of different sizes for their needs. Monitoring, controlling, tracking asset movement during every stage is hectic and most often the assets are underutilized as well. Assessing the assets’ health, availability, inventory status, depreciation is critical for large enterprises as these can impact on their productivity, performance and RoI.

An asset management system in place helps enterprises have the asset data during every phase of its lifecycle and utilize the assets to the maximum. This leads to the reduced total cost of asset maintenance and depreciation.
Asset Lifecycle Management system bridges the office with the field of any enterprise. Our mission-critical solution provides you with real-time visibility of all your assets from procurement to disposal. The Web and Mobile Applications ensure you to identify, report and address every asset’s health condition, movement on the go to keep a track on your asset’s availability, performance, efficiency during its entire lifecycle.


Mobile App for Workforce
Empower your workforce with a mobile app to identify asset’s availability and its health condition wherever it is needed for improved process.
Web App for Managers
Managers are powered with a web app to analyze the asset health condition updated by the workforce to monitor and track every asset’s condition.
RFID/QR Code for Asset Tracking
The assets are QR labelled/tagged with RFIDs. The workforce scans the RFID/QR codes through the mobile app to audit every asset right from procurement, inventory to disposal stage.
Dashboards for Faster Decision Making
Notify the managers with real-time asset health condition data through interactive dashboards to take corrective measures for improving asset efficiency.

How Our Asset Lifecycle Management Solution Will Help Your Enterprise Productivity?


Improve Asset Use and Utilisation


Flexible and Smart Asset Management


Automated Asset Tracking and Management Process


Enhanced Productivity and Operational Efficiency


Reduced Asset Depreciation Costs


Improved Total Cost of Ownership


Reduced Asset Tracking Time


Easy to Track Assets Under Single Window


End-to-End Asset Management


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