Next-Gen Order and Delivery Management Solution

Next-Gen Order and Delivery Management Solution

Custom App with Optimized Routing and Real-Time Tracking for Faster Delivery.

Solution for Order and Delivery Management.

Our order delivery management solution enables businesses

to improve your delivery rate and customer satisfaction at least by 3x.

Order delivery management process is a critical process for any business and managing delivery process is often backbreaking for the workforce involved. Also, the delays in delivery often leads to unsatisfied customers, which impacts the business performance. Every business focuses on improving customer experience, and to achieve that expediting the order delivery management process is extremely critical.
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A delivery management app will help businesses simplify the complete process and improve customer satisfaction. Optimizing the routes of the customer visits can expedite the process and helps the workforce reach out to more users on-time and at a faster pace. Empowering the workforce with the app will help with real-time data on customers and update the sales data on-the-go.
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Route Guidance via Google Maps
Provides customer order details, location details and route maps to the delivery staff through the mobile app for faster delivery.
Real-Time Tracking
Make the delivery executives to update sales data to customers through real-time tracking for improving process efficiency.
Daily Work Schedule
The app solution makes it easier to schedule and manage tasks of the workforce out for delivery and will reduce delivery delays.
Real-Time Status via GPS Tracking
The executives out for delivery can send the sales data in real-time and sales managers can track the executives through GPS tracking.
Customer Locator
The app is powered with Google Maps to identify the customer locations on-the-go and deliver better customer experience.
Digital Signature Capture
The workforce can authenticate the products delivered at the customer place through digital signatures and this eliminates false sales data.
SMS Alerts & Push Notifications
Notify the workforce with directions and order information through SMS alerts and push notifications to improve the quality of delivery.

How Our Order and Delivery Management Solution Will Help Your Enterprise Productivity?

Easy Tracking

Easy and Seamless Tracking

Faster Delivery

Optimized Routes for Faster Delivery

Accurate Tracking

Accurate Location Tracking

Time Efficient

On-Time and Efficient Delivery


Better and Seamless Coordination

Accurate Reporting

Paperless and Accurate Reporting


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