Shop Floor Automation Solution

Shop Floor Automation Solution

Automate, Monitor, Oversee, and Control Shop Floor Operations On-The-Go.

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    Why Manufacturing Industry Needs Shop Floor Automation.

    Bridge the gap between the shop floor and top floor and

    Gain 100% visibility by connecting machine, humans and ERP.

    Manufacturing is a competitive sector and access to real-time to capture workforce-equipment availability, task allocation, efficiency calculation is critical for reducing unplanned downtime, failure and ensuring flawless productivity. The operators look for machine data and site managers look for operators and machines data to foresee and improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency; performing this manually reduces the productivity performance and business RoI.

    Our solution could be your first move towards lean manufacturing. With our Industry 4.0 custom shop floor automation solution, monitor every single human and machine activity on the shop floor from a centralized, interactive real-time dashboard to ensure flawless production leading to improved efficiency.

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    And, with our shop floor automation solution, happishopfloor, you can benefit your business in multiple ways. Our solution not just stops with capturing machine, human data presently but also helps with advanced analytics to foresee, predict the manufacturing productivity for the upcoming months.

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    Mobile App for Operators
    Empower your operators with a mobile app to capture machine data before, after and during shop floor operations.
    Dashboard for Site Managers
    Enable managers with interactive real-time dashboard to view the complete shop floor operations to plan, schedule, allocate, monitor, track operator tasks and machine efficiency.
    IoT/Sensor for Real-Time Shop Floor Data
    The solution is powered with IoT/Sensors to assess, monitor and record the machine and operator data with 100% accuracy on-the-go.
    Real-Time Data for Faster Decisions
    IoT, induction sensors to estimate and evaluate complete equipment (OEE) and operator performance (LE) in real time to make better and faster decisions.
    Predictive Analytics
    Help the business reduce equipment downtime or failure and improve manufacturing efficiency through predictive analytics obtained during operations.
    Critical Equipment Monitoring
    Monitor every critical equipment and manufacturing operation in the shop floor and make sure the operators, machine are healthy enough to deliver flawless performance, productivity.


    How Our Shop Floor Automation Solution Will Help Your Business?

    Oporator Efficiency

    Enhance operators (LE) and machine (OEE) efficiency

    Oporator Availability

    Streamline operator availability, tasks

    Equipment & Human Perfomance

    Optimize equipment and human performance

    Production Quality

    Improve and accelerate production quality


    Avoid production delays, equipment downtime

    Real-time data

    Get real-time insights for faster decisions


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