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Automate, monitor, and control shop floor operations on the go shop floor automation Helping manufacturers leverage floor data analytics to improve operational efficiency and productivity.


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    Why should you invest in shop floor control?.

    Bridge the gap between the shop floor and top floor and

    Gain 100% visibility by connecting machine, humans and ERP.

    Manufacturing is a competitive sector: this means that manufacturers constantly strive to improve the efficiency of their production operations to meet ever-changing customer demand. In the race towards higher productivity, it is easy to lose visibility and shop floor control.
    This is where a shop floor control comes in handy: it empowers you with automated data collection, and real-time tracking of crucial KPIs such as workforce-equipment availability, task allocation, and OEE, allowing you to gain visibility, identify areas of improvement, and take intelligent decisions to enhance operational performance.
    Our custom factory automation software allows you to collect data accurately at record speeds. Automatically empowering operators, and site managers with the latest data directly translates to increased productivity, and a higher ROI for your business.
    Our shop floor software also allows you to monitor every single human and machine activity on the shop floor from a centralized, and interactive dashboard. Real time data collection enables you to identify problems before they occur on the shop floor, leading to better quality, and reduced scrap.
    Our software’s capabilities are not limited to capturing machine, and human data: it also offers advanced analytics to foresee, and predict manufacturing productivity for the upcoming months.

    Our revolutionary 4M approach to manufacturing helps you make the most of your production efforts

    Material traceability: Streamline inventory tracking and achieve end-to-end visibility of raw materials, work in process, and finished goods. Our solution enables you to track raw materials from gate to finished goods (FG) in real-time and avail insights into key metrics such as inventory utilization, and warehouse space utilization for process improvements. Using our tool, you can eliminate the formation of excessive stocks, avoid a shortage of materials/theft, and ensure that the most needed items are always available for uninterrupted production.
    Leverage RFID (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology to automatically identify assets, collect and transmit data related to them. This means that you can effortlessly eliminate human error, and focus your team’s efforts on more critical business tasks. RFID technology also tracks assets in extremely dangerous operations involving extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, etc. It flags potential dangers in the workplace and alerts employees on time to prevent catastrophes.
    Man traceability: Track your performance with the job, part number, and operator analytics. Evaluate operator performance, identify bottlenecks in real-time, and optimize operator efficiency through biometric access to machines. Incorporate operator inputs to add human context to machine data, and enhance man-machine collaboration. Track and resolve incidents spontaneously, by alerting the right person at the right time. Job card digitization and automation generate valuable data insights which improve the baseline productivity of shop floor personnel and prevent inefficient allocation and use of resources.
    Machine and method traceability: Connect, collect and visualize data from any piece of equipment on the shop floor. View and manage the status of your assets, remotely. Visualize vital machine parameters/KPIs such as machine utilization, downtime, quality, environmental conditions, and energy usage to analyze trends and uncover opportunities for improvements. Enhance optimal OEE, reduce costs by eliminating bottlenecks, and implement continuous process improvements.


    Mobile App for Operators
    Empower your operators with a mobile app to capture machine data before, after and during shop floor operations.
    Dashboard for Site Managers
    Enable managers to oversee operations across the shopfloor in real time through an interactive dashboard. Plan, schedule, allocate, monitor, and track operator tasks and machine efficiency on-the-go.
    IoT/Sensor for Real-Time Shop Floor Data
    Powered by IoT/Sensors, our solutions helps you record machine and operator data with 100% accuracy.
    Real-Time Data for Faster Decisions
    Evaluate overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and operator performance (LE) in real time to identify areas of improvement, take better business decisions, and enhance operational performance.
    Predictive Analytics
    Leverage advanced analytics to reduce equipment downtime and scale manufacturing efficiency through predictive analytics obtained during operations.
    Critical Equipment Monitoring
    Monitor all critical assets and manufacturing operations to ensure that operators, and machines function at their optimal capacity.


    How Our Shop Floor Solution Will Help Your Business?

    Oporator Efficiency

    Enhance operator (LE) and machine (OEE) efficiency

    Oporator Availability

    Monitor operator availability, and streamline task allocation

    Equipment & Human Perfomance

    Optimize equipment and human performance

    Production Quality

    Enhance production quality


    Avoid production delays, and equipment downtime

    Real-time data

    Get real-time insights for faster, and better business decisions


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      Frequently asked questions

      Shop floor is the heart of the manufacturing where the real production happens. This is where raw materials are developed to finished goods and includes a lot of processes in between.

      It can be defined as automating the shop floor operations using hardware and software. The automation solutions mostly have technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile app to improve productivity and meet actual vs planned production through 100% visibility.

      Our shop floor solution enables you with real-time data of entire operations on the floor including job card assigning to machine maintenance. With our complete solution, you can not only save time but also improve production rate and efficiency.

      We are a leading digital transformation company with 15 years of experience. We have proven expertise in manufacturing projects and have helped some top brands with shop floor solutions that have enabled them to raise their production level by at least 10x.

      Once we get the requirement or inquiry from your end, an expert team of us will make a direct visit to your plant to analyze the requirement. Based on the discussion we will help you with insights for improving the plant productivity with a transparent pricing. 

      Of course, yes. We visit your plant after the general inquiry and initial discussions. We don’t charge anything until the project pricing and scope is agreed by the clients.