About Client

The client was a leading logistics company with footprints worldwide. They are known for the best-in-class services not only to their customers but also to their vendors. The client focuses on delivering fantastic customer service and experience through innovative technologies and solutions. 

The Challenge

The client wanted to genuinely help the 3 PL vendors with a portal that improves their sales team. The current system wasn’t up to the mark, and the 3PL sales and support team had challenges in improving their customer service. 

Lack of integrated communication was impacting their customer service and led to delayed payment realization. This impacted the overall sales cycle as bookings, quotations, and sales numbers constantly declined. The lack of a proper follow up mechanism was a reason for substandard customer service. 

Key Results

  • Unified Portal to manage sales
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Improved sales
  • Improved service

Our solution: 

We suggested the client a unified portal for their 3PL vendors to manage the quotations, bookings, invoices, etc. The solution helped the client’s vendors collaborate and communicate easily with other departments, improving the process efficiency. The client was amazed. 

The solution had a powerful dashboard that displayed key KPI metrics for the relevant teams to track and take actions whenever needed. This reduced the backlogs in the process and improved operations. The solution helped the vendors to manage shipments seamlessly without impacting the sales teams. Scheduling the follow up calls was easy too. By this way they were able to save time and improve the sales cycles. 


100% Improved bookings

100% Improved service

100% Transparent process

100% Increased sales cycles

Customer Portal Solution

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