About Client

Our client is a billion-dollar multinational manufacturing giant in India that manufactures many vehicles across the globe. The leading manufacturing company focuses on building innovative and tech-driven sports utility and compact electric vehicles.


The client wanted to impress their clients with seamless shuttle booking and riding. The tech giant faced two challenges: (i) shuttle booking and tracking by customers and (ii) route planning and dynamic shuttle allocation for drivers. Their existing solution wasn’t able to mitigate the challenges. The client was looking for an advanced app solution that helps their customers and drivers with effortless shuttle booking and riding. 

Key Results

  • Timely pickup 
  • Faster shuttle booking
  • Happy customers
  • Better riding experience 

Our solution: 

After listening to the challenges faced by the client, we suggested an Android application. The application had four parts: A web app and two mobile apps for a tablet (one for customers and the other for drivers). A tablet application was offered to the drivers to pick, track and drop customers based on the “first in, first serve” algorithm. Customers can log in to the application using QR scanners to book and track the rides. 

The drivers have to use their mobile and password to log in to app. The app is integrated into Google Maps – Audio/Video to help drivers and customers track locations seamlessly. Route algorithm simplified the pickup and drop challenges of drivers and allowed drivers to change a priority. Drivers can view ride details and review comments shared by customers. The customers share ride feedback via comments and ratings; they also can save their favorite places. In short, with the app, the client can deliver a world-class shuttle booking and riding experience for its customers, and the drivers can pick customers up on time. 



Simplified on-time pick up by 100%

Enhanced shuttle booking by 75%

Increased customer experience by 90%

Improved tracking accuracy by 100%

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