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Our client is a renowned technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and financial service provider in India. With over eight decades of a robust, customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, they have unmatched expertise across Technology, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure Projects, and Manufacturing. Their services span from India to over 30 countries across the globe.


The client had to manage the fleet in different project zones. There are many fleets with assets entering and leaving the premises. Inspecting, auditing, and tracking the fleets were highly challenging. The process was carried out manually, and the employees didn’t have any visibility over the process. The manual auditing of the vehicle checklist was tedious and time-consuming. 

Inspecting every vehicle and auditing the checklist was frustrating for the staff. Significantly, the team had no control over the vehicles entering and leaving the project zones. The lack of visibility slowed the operations, and their current system was not helping the client manage the fleet efficiently. The slowdown in operations impacted the project’s progress. So, they were looking for a solution to simplify their operations and improve fleet visibility within the project zones. 

Key Results

  • Increased operations
  • Real-time fleet data
  • On-the-go fleet inspection
  • Instant checklist approvals

Our solution: 

We suggested an integrated solution to them based on the repeated discussions with the client and hearing their pain points completely. The top management was impressed with the solution and immediately accepted it. 

The solution had two parts: a web application to monitor vehicles and a mobile application for staff to inspect vehicles in real time. The solution helped the staff check every vehicle entering and leaving the construction zone without the hassle and on the go. The team used their mobile apps to inspect the vehicles and immediately shared the checklist for the audition with the managers. Also, live tracking the vehicles was simple with the web app. 

The approvals were quicker, and their staff had complete control over the fleet. The entire process was transparent. The staff and managers were able to share real-time fleet data quickly and efficiently. As the entire process was automated, the client saved much time on vehicle tracking, inspecting, and auditing. The fleet inspection and auditing were simplified, and the improved operations helped the client complete projects without delay.


90% Improved fleet management

100% Accurate fleet data

90% Increased operations

100% Transparent process

Fleet Management App

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