About Client

A leading, innovative healthcare solutions provider in Australia, focused on using digital technologies for health monitoring, developed a patented biomarker after 15 years of research. The next level of this journey was to use the biomarker algorithm to monitor heartbeat for early detection of stress. The end objective was to make people own their health, monitor the vital parameters, and adopt lifestyle measures that reduce stress.

The Challenge

The client was using an iOS app to help users monitor their heart rate. If the overall objective was to make users ‘change’ the way they manage stress, the solution was in making it easy for them. We proposed an IoT-enabled hybrid mobile app that works on iOS, Android and Windows and seamlessly integrates with sensor-driven devices like Zephyr, Apple Watch and Fit bit. The client was looking for a leading hybrid app development company in India with proven IoT app development expertise. 

Key Results

  • Stress-free healthcare monitoring
  • Increased number of users
  • Improved healthcare service
  • Cost-effective healthcare management

Our Approach

The real test was in making highly usable and effective. We looked at usability and effectiveness not just from platform angle, but also from the view of process flow, error-free device integration, user interface, data storage, battery usage and alignment with existing IT infrastructure of the client organization.

Our Solution

The hybrid application for health monitoring, thus developed, went beyond making a ‘cool’ app to include:

  • Recording of heart rate readings into the app using the cross-platform Xamarin tool
  • Modifying the workflow in the existing iOS app for uniform, consistent experience
  • Making the new cross-platform app also cross-device by making it compatible with Zephyr as well as Bluetooth LE
  • Making it cost and energy-efficient by saving service logs in local DB, and increasing the server contact interval to every 5 min
  • Using IoT integration to make it seamless and always-on; ensuring that the app runs in the background even when it is closed



Sensor driven

Improved users

Improved healthcare

Cost effective

Health Monitoring

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