About Client

The client is a leading Learning & Development Services Firm offering learning solutions to clients both in India and across the globe. Over the years, the client has created a scientific learning design & delivery engine along with a growing ecosystem of experts across learning design, content development & service delivery that helps us offer class-leading learning & organization development interventions for our clients and learners.

The Challenge

The manual learning management system resulted in inefficient employees’ on-boarding and management for courses. Assessing skills and performance was equally challenging. As the learning process involved students, trainer, coordinator, and manager respectively, having a unified solution that could have all the above personnel under a single roof was preferred. The solution was expected to help the trainer and manager with assessing the user’s performance and evaluating them on the go and in real-time. The client was looking for a reliable hybrid application development company as the app should cater to the needs of users accessing the portal through multiple devices.

Key Results

  • 30% Improvement in the overall learning program
  • Improved learning management
  • Simple enrollment, monitoring, and evaluation of professionals
  • Real-time data on user learning experience

Our Approach

The challenge before us was to create a solution that combines all the individual roles of student, trainer, coordinator, and manager with a unified login to a portal to monitor the training program seamlessly. Our expert hybrid application developers realized the concept quickly. As different users will utilize distinct smartphones, creating a solution that works perfectly on all the devices was necessitated. In addition, the solution should help the trainers to track and manage the performance of everyone taking the course without any difficulty.

Our Solution

After careful analysis and research, we recommended a hybrid application for learning management program to help users registering for the learning courses from any device of any platform. Our solution, a cross platform application, brought four types of users (student, trainer, coordinator, and manager) under one roof into the training and coordination process. Also, the solution enabled the trainers to provide real-time information to clients based on the performance of employees under each course through scorecards. In a nutshell, the application improved the overall performance of the learning management system.



Faster Registrations

Improved Assessment

Real-time Evaluation

Smart Scorecard

Learning Management App

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