About Client

Our client is the world leader in the habitat and construction market, who designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance building materials. Their solutions span from self-cleaning windows and photovoltaic glass to smart insulation systems and water supply systems. Client’s Glass Business’ commercial glazing solutions provide energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for modern buildings. The Sales & Marketing teams of the Glass Business had a pertinent challenge – humongous amount of time spent in creating presentations! And, we solved it through a simple & smart application that married the functionality with the modern technologies.

The Challenge

The client has a diverse range of categories & products with numerous variations. The Sales teams have to prepare high-quality presentations to showcase the products with all the specifications and high-resolution images, as well as a comparative analysis of variations. However, the process of preparing the presentation was cumbersome and time-consuming, taking away precious time and effort from the key tasks of preparing the right pitch. The solution the client wanted is a simple sales enablement tool to create the presentations on the go, fast and easy. The client was looking for a reliable mobile app development company with expert desktop and Android app developers. 

The client’s choice was a desktop application for various reasons, including the fact that they were averse to cloud storage due to security reasons. Hakuna Matata had to adopt a new strategy and technology.

  • Look & feel can not be compromised even though its template-based presentation creation.
  • Multiple High-quality images were used in presentation creation and it caused performance strain as it is a desktop application.
  • Integration with 3rd Party software to get the product specifications. Lack of structured data & documentation did not help much.

Key Results

  • State of the art desktop app solution
  • Faster, easier presentation creation
  • More time for employees to focus on core activities
  • Easy to compare product features

Our Solution

The primary aim is to reduce the time spent in creating the presentation without compromising the ease of use and quality of presentation. Our mobile app developers developed a robust Android application for desktop that provides the flexibility to salespersons to choose the images and text and configure them in the defined layout. Salespersons can always come back to make minor modifications as per needs. The application was designed as lightweight and utilizes RAM & ROM effectively to create the presentations on the go.

Integration with third-party applications was important to reduce the time spent on manually entering the product presentations. The Android-enabled sales enablement application truly helped the salesperson to focus on the important role – Winning more sales.


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