About Client

Our client is a leading on-demand services provider. They are known for the quality of services at affordable costs. The company offers services like maintenance, installation, and repair of all kinds of consumer and home appliances to consumers. 

The Challenge

The company was looking for a one-stop solution to take care of the service of electronic appliances, Maintenance, AMS and so on. The existing platform was outdated, and the client wasn’t able to upgrade the platform to meet the growing needs of customers. 

Also, integrating the platform with future 3rd party sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. was equally challenging and this impacted sales/service. The client wanted a simple yet intuitive platform that is scalable, flexible, and reliable to take complete control of the electronic appliances and services. 

Key Results

  • Fantastic user experience
  • Effortless service booking
  • Flexible and scalable 
  • Auto alerts and notifications

The Solution

After a few rounds of discussions with the client and understanding the requirements thoroughly, we suggested a scalable service booking platform to the client. We divided the platform into two parts: one for service booking and the other for post-service activities. 

Service booking 

The platform enabled the customers to quickly book and reuse the cookie information every time the same user logs in again, flexible cart with multiple customizable options, including services. 

The platform also ensured that the users could log in via mobile and website to access and book appliances and services. The platform integrated with 3rd party portals like Amazon and Flipkart without hassle to ease customers’ appliances/service booking process.

Post-service booking

The new platform allowed users to set flexible appointment dates, parallel service initiation for more than one service booking, track approval status from customers on part changes or payment options, notification alerts about service booking via emails, and SMS on service members’ allocation to payment completion. 

The solution also ensured that the users could track the service booking status offline, helping consumers with automated reminders on AMC contract and warranty expiry via app, email, and SMS.



One-stop solution

Seamless booking & tracking

Improved experience

Flexible & Scalable

Service Booking Platform

Service Booking Platform.

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