About Client

PIL is one of the leading shipping companies in Asia focusing on the core business of container shipping, as well as other businesses including container manufacturing and logistics related services. The company has more than 55 years of experience in the industry.

The Challenge

Frequent shipment delays contributed to lower payment realizations leading to process delays. PIL’s 3 PL customers had problems with accessing the shipments data. 

Especially, tracking the shipment details was backbreaking, and the manual systems didn’t help the client to make decisions based on the shipment data. This impacted the overall customer service and support operations as they had no clue about customer queries and tickets regarding shipment delays.

Key Results

  • Easier shipment tracking
  • Easy to access shipment data
  • Simple to use
  • Improved support operations

The Solution

After considering PIL’s and their customer’s pain points, we suggested the clients with an advanced and comprehensive Track and Trace Solution. The solution helped the client’s 3PL vendors and their clients to manage the shipment details seamlessly. 

Tracking the shipment data and payment details were seamless for customers, and the support teams had complete control over the shipment details to provide instant responses to customer queries. The solution improved the shipment tracking process and improved customer service.


Faster payment realizations

Reduced ticketing

Transparent process

Improved shipment tracking

Track and Trace Solution

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