About Client

Maersk is a leading Shipping and Logistics Company with a strategic vision to become the Global Integrator, offering genuinely integrated logistics solutions that connect, protect and simplify their customers’ supply chains. Creating an efficient and sustainable global chain is the motto of Maersk.

The Challenge

Maersk aimed to develop certification programs for their customer’s employees to improve their skill sets. Managing the program was extremely difficult as there was no centralized console to manage course allocation, bookings, and certification offerings. The manual allocation of courses didn’t comply with the regulations of the employer. 

 The customer’s employees could not book the courses at their convenience, and finding the right skill set for them was also tricky. The client was looking for a solution that would help them offer training programs to their client’s employers without hassle. 

Key Results

  • Improved training program
  • Easy to use and book courses
  • Easy to manage the program
  • Improved employee skill sets

The Solution

Understanding the client’s requirements, we demonstrated a training management portal. The client was impressed and wanted to implement the system quickly. The solution helped the client’s customers by easing the training program allocation and booking the right skill set program for improvement. 

 The client’s customers were floored after using the portal as it allowed them to allot courses seamlessly, and their employees were able to book the courses from a nearby location. Also, finding the right courses by mapping the skill set wasn’t a problem anymore, as the portal gave them a list of courses against skill sets to pick from. In short, the training program helped the client improve their customers’ employees’ skill set accordingly.


20% Improved training program

50% Improved efficiency

100% Faster course booking

100% Visibility to the training program

Training Management Solution

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