Hakuna Matata Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with UiPath


Hakuna Matata Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with UiPath

Hakuna Matata Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with UiPath for Implementing Enterprise RPA Solutions

Chennai, March 7, 2019 – UiPath, a leader in RPA enterprise automation, today announced the partnership with Hakuna Matata Solutions for implementing RPA solutions for enterprise customers. UiPath offers one of the best platforms to build scalable robots using an easy-to-use interface.

“We are happy to share that we have partnered with Hakuna Matata, a leader in Digital Transformation, for enterprise RPA implementation to address the growing enterprise automation needs and help their customers offer amazing customer service, experience growth and stay profitable,” informed a senior executive of UiPath.

Hakuna Matata Solutions focuses on developing custom mobile app solutions for enterprises using advanced automation technologies and tools. The company of late has been developing scalable RPA solutions for transforming repetitive, mundane tasks that backbreaking and expensive for Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics industry verticals.

“We are happy to partner with UiPath for RPA implementation as they are the global leader for enterprise RPA solutions. We always adapt to advanced technologies and solutions, we strongly believe RPA would be the next-generation enterprise solution that could potentially simplify the most difficult and repetitive tasks of high volume. With a strategic partnership with UiPath we could even implement most robust solutions that would help enterprises improve efficiency at reduced costs and time.”

Hakuna Matata Solutions focuses on building futuristic digital solutions developed using robust technologies like IoT, in addition to RPA.

ABOUT Hakuna Matata Solutions

Hakuna Matata Solutions is a leading Digital Transformation Company offering a full spectrum of technology solutions and services for enterprises across different industry verticals all over the globe.

The 13-year-old company, in addition to developing mission-critical business applications, also focuses on leveraging the power of cutting-edge digital technologies like IoT, RPA, AI, Chatbot, and Cloud to develop business-specific solutions that help enterprises transform their conventional processes impacting their efficiency, productivity and ensure rapid growth, RoI.

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