Customer Experience Trends in 2022 – 5 Top Blogs from Industry Experts

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Customer Experience Trends in 2022 – 5 Top Blogs from Industry Experts

Today’s customers have everything in their hands, thanks to digital innovations, contributing to non-linear buying patterns – making it difficult for enterprises. Identifying customer trends and improving customer engagement has been an ever-growing challenge for many companies.

This is the reason why customer experience tops the agenda of most enterprises. Understanding these modern-day businesses are making a shift towards customer-centric strategy rapidly. 

However to reach there, identifying customer experience trends matters for businesses. And, the best way to do this is considering industry leaders’ recommendations; also collecting the insights or recommendations from leading digital transformation services or a web application development company matters too. 

Here in this post, I have compiled a list of “Top Customer Experience Trends” blogs of 2022 shared by some of the industry leaders. I believe the post will help everyone improve or restructure their customer experience strategy for 2022 and beyond. 

Each blog from the experts shares a different and interesting list of trends. I have shared some of the interesting trends from each post that inspired me, and you may find other trends that might best suit your requirements.  

The first post is from Forbes, contributed by Blake Morgan, the customer experience futurist. This post focuses on 5 Customer Experience predictions in a strategic perspective.  

Especially the prediction #1 Thoughtfulness is in is a must-learn trend and it is wonderfully explained by Blake Morgan. 

The second post is from contributed by guest authors. 

This post focuses on “6 Customer Experience Trends for 2022”. 

An interesting trend that attracted my attention immediately was the trend #3 on UCaaS + CCaaS Make Customer Experience Better and I believe most of you would be excited to know more about this. 

The third post from details about 11 tech trends that will impact businesses in 2022.

Trend #10 grabbed my attention immediately. It was on Why You Must Understand—and Embrace—The API Economy.  I hope many would enjoy reading this and give it a try. 

The fourth post from shares 5 top trends for businesses in 2022. 

The trend #2 was impressive and it was on Employee Experience Will Remain One of the Top Influences on Customer Experience. Many Customer Experience failures due to disengaged employees and considering employee experience seriously would help businesses offer amazing customer experience. 

Finally, the fifth resource is all about “Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit; 8 – 9 June 2020 | London, UK” by Gartner on Improve Customer Experience with the latest trends on customer experience management.

If you’re interested in learning the most advanced top-level Customer Experience trends that will reshape enterprises in the year 2022 and beyond and this is one of the best events not to be missed.