Accelerated Software Development

Accelerated Software Development

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Innovate Faster with Accelerated Software Development.

In the contemporary business landscape, numerous companies grapple with prolonged and costly implementations when employing traditional approaches. To surmount this challenge, it becomes paramount for businesses to reevaluate their strategies and embrace innovative frameworks, such as the ADaM framework, to achieve accelerated software development. By investing in such frameworks, companies can simplify, standardize, streamline, secure, and, most importantly, expedite the application development lifecycle, leading to a significantly faster time to market.
Being a 17+ years experienced firm offering Accelerated Software Development solutions, we deeply comprehend the significance of harnessing the latest frameworks to deliver efficient digital solutions to our clients. The ADaM framework, comprising multiple reusable components, becomes a cornerstone in our approach to accelerate software development throughout the entire application development and migration lifecycle. Through seamless integration of this framework into our development process, we empower our clients to achieve accelerated software development, enabling them to “Digitize Faster.”
Our team of experts is well-versed and experienced in implementing the ADaM framework and other innovative approaches, fostering accelerated software development while simultaneously reducing costs and mitigating risks. With our comprehensive full-stack development services, we stand poised to assist businesses in swiftly adapting to evolving market demands, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition by delivering software solutions at an accelerated pace.

Our Approach.

Accelerated software development

Key Outcomes.

Our UX Design and Development Services simplify UX using Figma components, standardize UX across web and mobile, and convert designs to Angular/React code.
Our services offer a range of solutions such as ready-to-deploy microservices, an expanding library of automations for various business functions, and standardized documentation for effortless implementation.
Our offerings comprise an integration services/API toolkit, business-process workflows with approval matrix for seamless application operation, and pre-configured integration rules for easy setup.
We deliver pre-defined security profiles for different user groups, automated end-to-end test scripts, and standardized test reports to ensure compliance.
We facilitate development acceleration using the 50:20:30 concept, standardize UX across web and mobile according to business requirements with configurable options.

ADaM Framework.


Key Components.

Full stack development company

Use Cases.

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Reduce application development and migration time anywhere between 30% to 50%
Create Faster, Cleaner & Safer applications using ADaM framework
Access to growing library of microservices
Build – Own – Reuse – Access to source code of all services and all custom development carried out
Lower TCO – No user licensing costs

Why Us?

Design thinking

Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

Domain expertise

We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

Client experience

Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.

Three Vital Factors for Choosing Hakuna Matata as Your Accelerated Software Development Partner

In today’s fast-evolving tech landscape, it’s essential to align with a top-tier accelerated software development company like Hakuna Matata to stay ahead. The market is brimming with service providers, making it a challenging task to select the ideal partner. To meet both technical and business needs, it’s imperative that every accelerated software development company possess these three fundamental attributes

Features – Tailored Functionality for Success

App success hinges on functionality. We understand unique business needs, crafting tailored features that align with your vision.
Rich UX

Affordability - Transparent pricing, No Hidden Costs

At Hakuna Matata, we prioritize cost transparency and affordability, ensuring your budget aligns seamlessly with your goals, free from unexpected expenses.
Scalable Architecture

Speed – Timely Delivery is Our Commitment

we understand your first concern: 'When will my app be ready?' We prioritize efficient planning, platform selection, and timely execution, with demos to track your app's progress.

Our Value Proposition.

Rich UX

Seamless UX

We use our rich and vast experience in developing user-centric UX/UI that blend usability, experience and impact.
Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

We develop systems with Micro App architecture for greater scalability.
Tested Sdk

Rapid application development

We employ robust SDK libraries for different functionalities to ensure a high performing application.


We leverage DevOPS methodology for efficient testing, maintenance and support.

Technology Excellence

We use advanced capabilities in integrating tools like Google Maps for adding the touch of reliability, sophistication and usability.

Powerful Analytics

We bake in a powerful Analytics platform to track, monitor and manage the system performance.

Empower Your Business with Hakuna Matata

At Hakuna Matata, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the leading accelerated software development companies, offering a comprehensive suite of services across various software platforms. Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes, guiding them toward success.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is accelerated software development?
Accelerated software development is an innovative approach that emphasizes rapid and efficient processes to expedite the creation and deployment of software applications.
How does accelerated software development differ from traditional methods?
Unlike traditional methods, accelerated software development focuses on streamlining processes, leveraging reusable components, and adopting agile methodologies to deliver software solutions at a faster pace.
What benefits can businesses expect from adopting accelerated software development?
Businesses can enjoy faster time-to-market, reduced development costs, increased flexibility, and enhanced adaptability to changing market conditions through accelerated software development.
Is the ADaM framework essential for accelerated software development?
Yes, the ADaM framework is a pivotal element in achieving accelerated software development. It comprises reusable components that contribute to faster application development and migration.
Can any type of software project benefit from accelerated software development?
Yes, accelerated software development is adaptable to various types of projects, ranging from small-scale applications to large enterprise solutions.
How does accelerated software development contribute to cost savings?
By optimizing processes, minimizing development cycles, and utilizing reusable components, accelerated software development inherently reduces costs associated with prolonged development timelines.
Is it possible to maintain high-quality standards with accelerated software development?
Absolutely. Accelerated software development emphasizes quality throughout the development lifecycle, integrating testing and validation processes to ensure robust and reliable software solutions.
How can businesses ensure a smooth transition to accelerated software development?
Successful adoption involves proper training, collaboration, and a phased approach to gradually implement accelerated software development methodologies within the organization.
What role does agility play in accelerated software development?
Agility is a core principle of accelerated software development, allowing teams to quickly respond to changes, incorporate feedback, and deliver incremental updates, fostering a dynamic and responsive development environment.
Can businesses with existing projects migrate to accelerated software development?
Yes, businesses with existing projects can transition to accelerated software development by conducting a thorough assessment, identifying areas for optimization, and gradually integrating accelerated development practices into their workflows.

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