Application Modernization Services

Application Modernization Services

Our application modernization services help build future-proof apps and deliver a seamless customer experience that reduces cost and drives higher revenue.

  • End-to-end digital transformation
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Modernizing consultations
  • Cloud migration

Expert Application Modernization Services for Growth.

Our application modernization services leverage next-gen technologies to transform your legacy applications, resulting in significant reductions in maintenance costs and time to market. We understand that legacy systems are at the core of many companies today; however, they often require re-engineering to meet the demands of modern customers. Embracing application modernization services has become a necessity in today’s business landscape.
By modernizing your legacy applications with our expert application modernization services, you not only achieve cost savings and quicker time to market but also unlock the potential to boost productivity and create multiple revenue streams. This strategic upgrade empowers your business to meet the evolving needs of the market while staying competitive in your industry.
Moreover, our application modernization services enable you to deliver a never-before-seen experience to your customers, inspiring them with seamless interactions and enhanced usability. The upgraded applications can revolutionize user engagement, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty to new heights.
With our application modernization services, you gain the flexibility to introduce new functionalities and upgrade technologies whenever needed, without disrupting your application’s performance. Embrace the future of your business by leveraging our application modernization expertise and stay ahead in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Let us help you unleash the true potential of your applications and propel your business to greater success.

Application Modernization Services We Do.

application modernization services

Our Application Modernization Services.


UI Modernization

Understanding your end-users matters and it is often overlooked in enterprises. We help businesses with advanced UI modernization services after analyzing the behaviors and needs of users to render the never-before-seen user experience to them.

Web Service Enablement

We specialize in web service development, providing scalable and secure solutions tailored to your business needs. Our expert team ensures seamless integration with third-party systems and APIs for a seamless user experience.

Data Modernization

If you don’t have the grasp of your business data, you won’t be in a position to make informed decisions to improve growth. We help businesses leverage business data to make smart decisions quickly and effectively.

Mobile and IoT Enablement

Failing to harness data from every point accurately and help users access the data from anywhere leads to delayed product development and delivery. We help users with IoT mobile applications to improve data collection, management and decision making.

Application Modernization Strategy

Like other services, you're gone if you don't have a robust strategy for your application modernization program. Using our diverse expertise across verticals, we help businesses with the proper process to make your modernization program successful.

Migrate to Cloud

Our cloud migration services enable businesses to seamlessly transition to the cloud, reducing costs and increasing agility. Our expert team ensures a smooth migration with minimal downtime.

Technologies We Serve.

Technologies We Use.

application modernization services

Our Value Proposition.

Rich UX

Seamless UX

We use our rich and vast experience in developing user-centric UX/UI that blend usability, experience and impact.
Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

We develop systems with Micro App architecture for greater scalability.
Tested Sdk

Rapid application development

We employ robust SDK libraries for different functionalities to ensure a high performing application.

Technology Modernization Excellence

We use advanced capabilities in integrating tools like Google Maps for adding the touch of reliability, sophistication and usability.

Why Us?

Design thinking

Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

Domain expertise

We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

Client experience

Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.
Case studies

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is application modernization and why is it important for businesses?
Application modernization refers to the process of updating and transforming existing applications to leverage modern technologies, enhance performance, improve scalability, and align with evolving business needs. It is important for businesses to stay competitive, optimize operations, and provide a seamless user experience.
What are the common challenges faced during the application modernization process?
Common challenges during the application modernization process include legacy code complexity, integration issues with other systems, data migration, ensuring compatibility with new platforms, and managing potential downtime during the transition.
How long does it typically take to complete an application modernization project?
The duration of an application modernization project depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the existing application, the scope of changes required, the size of the application, and the availability of resources. It can range from a few weeks for small-scale applications to several months for larger and more complex projects.
What technologies are used in application modernization services?
At Hakuna Matata Tech, we leverage next-gen technologies, including cloud computing, microservices architecture, containerization, and DevOps practices to modernize applications effectively.
Is data migration part of application modernization services?
Yes, data migration is an integral part of application modernization. We ensure the safe and efficient transfer of data to the updated application environment.
What are the key benefits of application modernization for organizations?
Key benefits of application modernization include increased agility and flexibility, improved performance and scalability, enhanced security and compliance, reduced maintenance costs, streamlined workflows, and the ability to leverage modern technologies such as cloud computing, mobile platforms, and data analytics.
What factors should I consider when choosing a service provider for application modernization?
When selecting a service provider for application modernization, consider factors such as their experience and expertise in modernization projects, their understanding of your industry and specific business needs, their track record of successful modernization initiatives, the methodologies and tools they employ, their ability to handle data migration and integration challenges, and their post-modernization support and maintenance services.
Is it possible to modernize legacy applications without disrupting existing operations?
Yes, it is possible to modernize legacy applications without disrupting existing operations. A well-planned modernization strategy can include measures such as phased implementation, testing in a controlled environment, backup and rollback plans, and effective change management practices. This helps minimize the impact on day-to-day operations and ensures a smooth transition to the modernized application.
Are there any security risks associated with application modernization?
We prioritize security throughout the modernization process. Our team follows industry best practices to mitigate potential risks and safeguard your data and applications.
Can I add new features to my application during the modernization process?
Absolutely! One of the advantages of application modernization is the flexibility to add new features and functionalities to meet your evolving business needs.

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