Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services.

Increasing technological and customer evolution is necessitating companies to be agile, intuitive and transparent to stay competitive. It also involves radical thinking of how companies utilise technology, people & process to transform and evolve in order to meet the growing customer demands.
In the modern digital era, companies have to digitize their existing conventional processes by collecting, analyzing and utilizing the real time data to optimise, transform the processes for engaging, delivering value to the customers. With our expertise over innovative digital technologies like IoT, Data Analytics, AI we can help you to utilise advanced digital solutions to automate the data collection, process integrations using real-time data insights to adapt and meet your ever-evolving customer needs.
At hakunamatata, as a leading digital transformation service provider, we look at digital transformation holistically to help companies like yours leverage the potential of digital technologies to the fullest.

Industries We Serve.

Our digital solutions helps enterprises to improve efficiency and visibility across different departments.

Our custom IoT solution help manufacturers leverage smart technologies to improve operational efficiency and machinery to operate autonomously.
The Internet of Things is one of the key digital transformation technologies that help transportation and logistics companies to solve a wide range of problems, from asset under-utilization and supply chain inefficiencies.
Warehouse Automation
Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking
Create smart retail stores and improve the customer experience through digital connectivity, data collection using IoT.
Order & Delivery Management
Dealer management

Assess your business processes and find opportunities for digital success

Why Us.

Design thinking

Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

Domain expertise

We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

Client experience

Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.

Our Approach.

To make digital transformation of your business a reality, we work with you to utilize the digital technologies like RPA, AI, Mobile Application, Web application, Internet of Things, Cloud to improve your process efficiency, transparency and decision making.
Strategy & Consulting
Our experts will gather business requirement to understand the way it works.
Discovery & Roadmap
Our experts will visit the customer premise directly to create a defined DX roadmap.
Suggesting a solution agreed and approved by the client would be the next step.
The solution defined will be implemented with proper training, if any required.

Here’s what our customers are saying.

Frequently asked questions.

How do you see digital transformation as an expert?
Customer expectations and behavior has changed significantly over the years, and businesses have to transform their legacy systems, processes, and operations with modern applications and technologies.

With this approach, businesses can transform the customer experience. So as an expert in digital transformation services, we recommend digitization and digitalization for thriving businesses as it is no longer an option but a necessity.
Is digital transformation complex? How can we simplify the process?
Digital transformation is indeed complex but not difficult to execute, provided you have the right partner. You can simplify the process if you have the right strategy, roadmap, and plan. Also, if you and your digital transformation partner thoroughly understand which processes or systems need to be transformed, the project can be completed even quicker.
What are the different stages of digital transformation? Where are we now?
Planning, preparing, understanding, and executing are the four stages. Nevertheless, most companies are now in the preparing or understanding stage because of budget limitations and lack of resources. However, some businesses have implemented digital solutions and are thriving. If you're still researching, you can either be in the planning or preparation stage.
How can we address the cultural changes from digital transformation efforts?
Of course, this is one of the toughest challenges to handle and negotiate. Here again, if you have the right digital transformation partner on your side, they can help you tackle the challenge by educating the workforce and top management with the benefits of digital transformation.

Before starting the program, it might take days or months to get your employees' approval. You must ensure that all key stakeholders who are on the path of the digital transformation journey are on the same page.
What are the roadblocks SMEs like us face along digital transformation journey?
Lack of understanding, planning, and strategy is the reason behind the roadblocks faced by SMEs. Many companies start the programs without considering financial limitations, employee buy-in, and technology upgrades. These factors impact the digital transformation implementations in the long haul. You can eliminate roadblocks if you have the right plan and roadmap.
What is the best way to budget for digital transformation?
Having a clear vision of the entire digital transformation program. Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation initiatives, if you have an eye for short-term and long-term and start small, you can plan your budget accordingly. Above all, if you have the best digital transformation consultant on your side, they can help you with the best information to refrain from financial crippling.
How will digital transformation benefit us?
Digital transformation is for thriving companies. If you're planning to take your company to the next level and want to transform how your customer interacts with your business, investing in digital programs is the ideal choice. Also, digital solutions can simplify operations, bring transparency to complete processes, and improve customer experience to foster rapid business growth.
How can we find a seasoned digital transformation partner?
Discover whether your to-be partner has the top talents to help you with transformation efforts. You can check their websites to determine the customer portfolio to ensure a proven track record. Also, taking a look at the customer testimonials can help. Talking to the digital team or head can help you understand their capabilities and skills better.

Some companies offer free strategy and consultation services too. If you have other queries not covered in the FAQs, we can help. Let's Talk .

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