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    Transforming Enterprises through Smart & Connected Solutions.

    IoT provides immense opportunities for Industries to embrace Industry 4.0 by connecting remote devices, analyzing data points, monitoring & predicting behaviour remotely and in a few cases even to control the devices/machines.
    As a leading IoT app development company, our expertise from device to cloud to analytics & applications helps you to connect, monitor & manage your machines & equipment through a central dashboard. Our well-defined approach helps in identifying your business needs to derive your IoT needs & solutions

    Our Industry-Specific IoT Solutions.

    Our Industrial IoT solutions are aimed at improving your organization’s time to market and saving operational costs. We develop and deliver only solutions that match your enterprise’s expectations and improves your end user’s confidence.

    Our IoT solutions help manufacturers leverage smart technologies to improve operational efficiency and machinery to operate autonomously.
    The Internet of Things is one of the key digital transformation services that help transportation and logistics companies to solve a wide range of problems, from asset under-utilization and supply chain inefficiencies.
    Create smart retail stores and improve the customer experience through digital connectivity, data collection using IoT.

    Our business-friendly IoT Services.

    At Hakuna Matata, we offer complete IoT development services using advanced technology, tools and developers to transform your conventional processes to smart ones.
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    IoT Custom applications

    We make your digital transformation a reality by building best custom IoT applications that are scalable, seamless, effective and engaging.
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    IoT Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

    Accelerate your business process and performance with real-time data garnered through ready-to-deploy IoT solutions and start improving RoI.
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    IoT Devices

    IoT devices for capturing, transmitting and receiving data using sensors, actuators, communications hardware, processors and other components to perform intelligent actions.

    Our Value Proposition.

    Our focus is always on getting the user interaction & experience correct to increase user adoption & user retention. All our decisions are driven by that factor.
    Lead every aspect of the product development lifecycle
    Encourage a culture of user-empathy
    Align design strategy with business goals
    microservices architecture
    We utilize microservice architecture to develop applications that are highly maintainable, loosely coupled, and independently scalable based on business requirements.
    Smooth performance
    Continuous availability
    Fast data retrieval
    Real-time response
    Automation Testing Lifecycle
    We have the best testing experts and industry-leading tools to improve quality and accelerate releases and scale when you need them.
    Sanity testing
    Security testing
    Integration testing
    API testing

    Why Us?

    Design thinking

    Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

    Domain expertise

    We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

    Client experience

    Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.

    Our Approach.

    To create limitless IoT possibilities for enterprises by connecting people, devices and technology.

    Strategy & Consulting

    1. Identify pain points
    2. Build business case
    3. Define proposed solution



    1. Identify assets & data points
    2. Design IoT platform
    3. Define integration & communication protocols



    1. Iot-enabled Assets
    2. Build IoT Platform
    3. Build App & Analytics



    1. Remote Monitoring - IoT Devices & Platform
    2. Prediction - Performance & data points
    3. Manage IoT Platform


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