Digital Transformation for Distributors – 5 Practical Ways to Achieve Success [in 2022]

Digital Transformation for Distributors
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Distributors – 5 Practical Ways to Achieve Success [in 2022]

Wholesale distributors must evolve and embrace the digital way to beat the cut-throttle competition. What really has changed now is distributors have to think beyond just understanding their specific needs and but should allow a great deal of flexibility with tools and technologies to make their lives easier. 

Finding new ways to engage and build loyalty with customers matters and without the aid of digital transformation technologies, it’s highly impossible today. 

Digital transformation offers a plethora of opportunities to distributors like any other industry verticals and with the help of such advanced technologies creating deep and friendly services relationships with customers is easy. 

Remember, digital disruptions not only improve your customer experience but also improve the overall performance, efficiency and results. 

In this post, I have compiled 5 ways distributors can achieve the digital business transformation to stay ahead of the competition and build strong bonds with customers. 

Before getting started with that, let me brief why distributors must go the digital way to improve performance. 

Shared below are the few reasons that force distributors to take the digital route for success. 

Current industry state and growth

Every business contributes to the growth of the industry directly or indirectly. With most companies investing in digital innovations to take their business to the next level, shying away from such investments would not only impact your distribution services but also the industry trend. This is one of the reasons why distributors must invest in digital transformation solutions

Beating the brimming competition 

As the customers have the power to choose any vendor using all the advanced channels and media, distributors have no other choice than adopting digital services and solutions to deliver unparalleled customer service to their customers. Only with a change in mindset and digital help, today’s distributors can beat the competition while serving the customers better. 

Need for innovation to accelerate

Distribution companies with legacy systems are almost showing signs of steady decline as customers are looking for services that are fast and amazing. The need for innovation is a must in today’s world and distributors have to rethink their current strategies and invest in digital solutions to keep abreast with the growing customer expectations. 

Discover 5 ways that help distributors to achieve digital transformation success

  1. Re-think customer experience 

With the customers powered with plenty of opportunities and services from different distributors, thanks to the Internet, for their needs, it’s high time for the distributors to leverage new channels and technologies to build strong relationships with customers. To achieve that real-time market data and analytics is demanded and smart distributors are leveraging the advanced digital technologies like IoT, AI, Asset Management solutions to up the ante. Even you can personalize and provide value-added services to customers with ease which will further amplify your customer experience and business bottom-line. 

  1. Re-think legacy processes

Decade-old processes will no longer help your distribution when it comes to meeting the aggressive needs of today’s customers. Transforming and modernizing the existing ecosystem with the advanced technologies and solutions will help you accelerate the process and improve its performance significantly. Say, auditing assets manually takes about 4-5 hours of your workforce, with a digital auditing system powered by a mobile application, you can audit the assets much faster. Here, you not only save time but also efforts which can be utilized for business growth. 

  1. Re-think supply chain 

The supply chain processes encompass asset management, inventory management, shipment tracking, transportation, and delivery. In short it involves everything from procurement to disposal of the material or goods entering and leaving a business unit. Performing all these tasks manually consume a lot of time, lack accuracy, and waste your resources. All these data can never help any distributor to plan for improvement. 

On the other hand, digital business transformation using advanced solutions can revolutionize the way distributors work on a day-to-day basis. 

Digital asset management 

Tracking assets within a business zone is often laborious and backbreaking. With a smart digital asset management system set up, you can have your workforce manage the assets entering and leaving the business zone without any difficulty. Mostly these systems are developed with technologies like mobile applications, IoT or RFID or QR Codes or GPS, Cloud to record the movement of goods in real-time, capture the data, and process for forecasting to suggest an improvement. 

Digital inventory management 

Identifying assets in a large warehouse can be grueling and causes headaches to most staff. With an advanced digital inventory management system, managing a health inventory is amazingly seamless. Mostly inventory management systems are powered by IoT coupled with Bluetooth and beacons to identify any particular product in a large warehouse or perform stock audits or check for specific stock when needed. With such systems, you will have a healthy inventory in addition to reduced overstocking costs. 

Digital delivery tracking and transportation

Tracking shipments and delivery to customers is often daunting for distributors. Be it field sales, or road or ship delivery, tracking and managing the entire process is tricky and involves a lot of challenges. Environmental conditions, route conditions, weather conditions can impact the delivery time. With no data to track, distributors don’t have any other clue than believing what the delivery or transportation personnel says. With a delivery management system, you can have a complete grasp of the entire program, starting right from the pickup of goods to delivery. The technologies like IoT can help you with real-time data about the conditions prevailing and can help you optimize the delivery subsequently. 

  1. Re-think demand forecasting

Demand forecasting is critical for improving your distributions and without any practical data you won’t be able to muster it. This is where technologies like Cloud, mobile application and IoT come in handy. With such robust technologies powered digital solutions, you can capture data in real-time, store and process the data accurately. The data proceeds to provide the much-needed insights to plan a well-defined demand forecast that will help in improving your business bottom-line. 

  1. Resource management 

Managing resources is a tough ask for many distributors and without any proper mechanism the entire process can easily screw up your whole business performance. Empowering your staff with mobile applications, they would be able to mark their attendance or perform necessary actions from anywhere, and you’d be notified instantly. Assigning tasks and tracking the efficiency of any staff becomes simple, leading to overall improved business efficiency and success. 


Today’s customers have the complete control and access to the information they want and lookout for new initiatives to enjoy hassle-free service. So, modern-day distributors are left with no other option than embracing the digital transformation technologies and solutions to make a mark in the competitive space.