No-Code Platform – 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose One

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No-Code Platform – 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose One

Growing customer demands have always forced organizations to turn their heads to innovative technology advancements. For a mobile app development or digital transformation company to serve customers and improve the bottom line, the ability to develop applications quickly and time-to-market are critical. It’s easier said than done. 

Application development is a backbreaking process and involves much time and effort. Developers must toil and work long hours to develop an excellent application for their customers. Though such applications deliver fantastic customer experiences, the time taken to build and deploy the app can annoy customers. 

Today, developers can heave a sigh of relief as companies can safely develop and deliver applications quickly and efficiently, thanks to no-code app development platforms. 

The global low-code platform market revenue is valued at almost 13 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is forecast to reach approximately 65 billion U.S. dollars in 2027. The market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 26.1 percent over this period. (Source: Statista)

The invasion of no-code platforms for app development has transformed how organizations work and helped developers develop UX-rich applications in no time. This is a boon to app developers and companies considering app quality and time-to-market factors. 

Before getting started, let’s highlight what no-code app development platforms are. Let me explain why no-code platforms are chosen over native app development platforms and techniques. 

What is a No-Code App Development Platform

Coding an application is backbreaking for most developers. App developers must spend long hours developing an application that wins customer’s hearts. Sometimes, developers have to work on multiple projects simultaneously, draining their energy to the core. A developer working on many projects could mean only one thing to your business – delivering substandard applications. 

The companies, especially SMEs, were looking for a win-win solution that would help companies deliver projects on time and help developers, sometimes even someone with no expertise in developing applications, build applications in no time.  

The answer to the challenge above is no code app development platform. Using this platform, the developers or rookies can develop standard applications in no time. 

The platform provides the users with a visual interface powered with drag and drop features to develop an application quickly and efficiently. 

With such an application, developing and delivering an application faster is seamless for companies. Also, the process is not entirely dependent on developers, and they can focus on working on other projects. 

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5 Reasons why you should try no-code app development platforms. 


1. To negotiate the lack of internal resources

Especially, small and medium-sized enterprises face the challenge of involving all their app developers in every project. They don’t have the right set of talents or resources. To complete the projects on time without disrupting the internal resources, they are left with no option but to try an innovative way. One such option is no code app development platforms. 

2. To address change management 

What if your company has to change the coding midway? The changing customer behavior and needs will force companies to recode the applications at some point, and this can be backbreaking to developers while developing using traditional methods. 

Nevertheless, developing such an application with the help of no-code application platforms is simple and seamless. Adding new functionality or modifying an existing functionality won’t take long when developed using no-code platforms. 

3. To accelerate the time-to-market of applications 10x 

A massive challenge for companies developing applications using traditional methods is taking the product out on time for deployment. What is the use of developing an application if it can’t be delivered on time? It can frustrate customers to the core. 

With a no-code platform, developers can create complex applications quickly—the time to market the application increases by 10x compared to developing the same application via traditional methods. 

4. To reduce the cost of ownership 

Application development involves much cost and time. The companies pay much money to hire and train application developers. The cost incurred is sometimes lower than the developers’ ROI. With no code app development platform, the companies don’t have to worry about investing in highly skilled developers. 

They can save money on the platform; even a rookie or a developer with minimal experience can kick start, develop and deliver the application on time. Also, data storing via Cloud, server cost, infrastructure, and maintenance can impact the company massively. And, for no-code platforms, companies only have to pay for the software. So you can make a massive chunk of money. 

5. To improve ROI at reduced risk

App failures are inevitable though companies have the best-in-class developer involved in the project. The RoI of such a project takes a hit and impacts the business bottom line. With no code platforms, companies don’t have to worry about failed projects as it won’t cost them an arm and a leg. This way, they can save much money and involve less risk. 

Enable-Manufacturing-Companies-with-Industry-4.0-SolutionsSumming up

From the above discussion, it is understandable that no-code platforms are game changers in application development. But, the real challenge lies in discovering the best no-code platform for your business needs. 

If you’re looking for one, I have shared details about a no-code platform that has helped many companies transform their application development process. 

Meet Zvolv – An intelligent automation platform

The platform is a boon for companies failing to derive results from the traditional app development process. Organizations can use Zvolv’s no-code platform to improve the app development speed and leverage the same platform for low-code programs to add flexibility. 

Zvolv is an integrated platform that combines no-code BPM and workflow capabilities with Intelligent bot-based automation, enabling you to automate end-to-end application development. Businesses can harness operations data to make informed decisions quickly and effectively using their platform. 

If you’re looking for a robust no-code platform for accelerating your development time and marketing the product, look further than Zvolve. 

By now, I believe you would have realized the significance and benefits of using no-code platforms. Join the no-code revolution today to take your business and customer experience to the next level. 

N0-code app development is the future. Be there before your competitor does. 

Want more details about no-code platforms and their benefits? Let’s talk. 

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