Product Engineering Services for Manufacturing – A Quick Guide

Product Engineering Services for Manufacturing
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Product Engineering Services for Manufacturing – A Quick Guide

Product engineering services are gaining momentum in the enterprise arena. According to Markets and Markets the product engineering services market is expected to grow from $676.17 billion in 2016 to $1,003.12 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2016 to 2021.

Product engineering services offered by companies is not just limited to product designing, development and release of a product. In fact, it has got more than what meets the eye.

 Product engineering services can be the designing and development of software or hardware or IT solutions or embedded services or manufacturing services. Even modernizing the existing models with brand-new solutions or contemporary solutions refers to the above-stated services. 

Let’s find out how Product Engineering Services works for manufacturers. 

Why product engineering services for manufacturing

Enterprises that want to keep pace with the ever-evolving business environment, hyper-targeted services, and digital platforms rely on product engineering services. With best-in-class product engineering/development strategies and expertise, manufacturers can design/develop/enhance their customer-facing, as well as enterprise, applications. Our focus – help you stay agile, competitive, responsive and ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the ways product engineering services will help manufacturers to improve outcomes. 


As far as manufacturers are concerned, there can be two scenarios: (i) they have a product idea that needs development or (ii) they would like to refine or modernize their existing product/systems. The role of a veteran product engineering service provider is quintessential for both the requirements. 

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Communicate/propel product concept

Communication during projects can be challenging for any company, be it manufacturing or logistics. A product engineering Services Company would provide the manufacturers with a proper communication channel devised through agile methodologies with typical time frames to ensure deadlines are met within the timeline. 

Track/improve product during every phase

Once the product is ready, the product engineering company should always lend a helping hand in improving the performance of the product through continuous monitoring and analysis during every phase of development. Subsequent changes will be made to ensure the product developed is successful and value-driven. 

Ensure/sustain product performance

Making sure the product is working without any challenges on the long run matters and product engineering services focus on the relevant metrics like scalabilities, performance, technology alignment, and continuous improvement to make the product practical. 

Product engineering technologies for manufacturing

Generally, product engineering companies will offer a wide array of services to improve manufacturing operations. I have mentioned some key technologies that are used by renowned service providers. 

See before you build

Planning a product development perfectly won’t guarantee better results. In fact, the idea should be validated and ensured that the product will create ripples in the market. This is why most companies have a see before you build model which helps manufacturers to validate their idea and take a shot at the application’s performance even before it is developed. This reduces risks and ensures guaranteed output and performance of the product. 

Mobile app

Mobile applications still rule the rooster across all industries and in fact, most manufacturers are empowering their staff with mobile applications to access data from anywhere, anytime. The growth of mobile applications and mobile application development companies is phenomenal over the last few years and the trend is all set to continue. Some of the areas of mobile applications are widely used in manufacturing are: accessing machine data, performing day-to-day activities, reporting etc. The role of mobile application in business digital transformation can’t be ignored and industry leaders second this. 

Web application development

Web Application Development Company plays a vital role in the improvement of manufacturing. Most floor managers and staff look at the web dashboard to perform their day to day production and the dashboard provides them with instant data about the planned production vs. the actual production. With such information, managers or supervisors can make better decisions to improve the production or process or resource. If you’re looking for information about web application trends and benefits for enterprises, here you go. 

Internet of things

IoT is the backbone of digital transformation initiatives in manufacturing companies. Even since IoT has evolved, the state-of-the-art technology has had an incredible reception among manufacturers. Real-time data capture by attaching the IoT devices to machines to track performance and tracking assets, even predicting the performance of machines in the future to cut down cost within a production floor has made IoT one of the most significant technologies for manufacturing improvement. Here’s how IoT is transforming manufacturing operations and benefitting manufacturers

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With 98% of manufacturers focusing on advancing systems like predictive maintenance to reduce cost and improve machine performance, processing the real-time data garnered using IoT devices without a Cloud platform is almost impossible. Storing and processing data and pushing the notifications to staff makes the process seamless and plays an important role in improving the manufacturing production. 

Tips to select the best product engineering services 

 To experience the best results, partnering with different vendors for product engineering services can sometimes make or break your business. Hiring a renowned and proven digital transformation company is recommended by experts as they understand the needs and custom requirements better. Planning to hire one, here are some of the parameters manufacturers must check before striking a deal. 

Technology excellence

First and foremost, ensure your partner has proven technical capabilities. This is where digital transformation companies come in handy. They don’t just focus on developing a product or solution but also provide insights to you about the integration of it with other existing systems after implementation. The partner should be a master in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Mobile app development, Web application development, Cloud etc. 

Scalable architecture

Whenever a new solution or product is planned, always considering the room for improvement in the future is all-important. Top product engineering companies realize this and always deliver solutions or products that can be scaled up in the future. This is the reason for recommending to partner with renowned companies. 

Rich UI/UX

User interface and user experience matters a lot when it comes to developing a product or solution and your partner should be capable of developing something that is easy to use and simple. Great companies focus on the top trends and recent advancements in the UI/UX areas and deliver products aligned with user preferences. 

Proven track record

Well, this is a catch. In fact, there are some startups that perform better with good clientele yet opting for product engineering services with proven track record and clientele is critical. Just go through their portfolio to understand the types of products or solutions they have developed and implemented. Listen to customer feedback or testimonials before taking a final call. 

Transparent pricing and communication 

One of the areas branded companies impress manufacturers considerably is transparency and being brutally honest. Remember the reason for hiring a veteran product engineering services is to provide insights and help the customer improve. Ensure the company provides transparent pricing and communication channels so that you always know what’s happening. 


Developing a solution or product is not one size fits all process. Every company has a unique requirement and may lookout for a special functionality that will help their end customers. Hiring a company that always comes up with fresh ideas is always welcome as this could help your company create a competitive edge in the market. 


From the above discussion, it is evident that the growth of product engineering services will grow exponentially in the years to come. If you have planned for a manufacturing product or solution, wait for no further talk to a product engineering services company and stay ahead. 

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