Top IoT Challenges – Insights Gained from C-Level Executives [for 2021]

Top IoT Challenges – Insights Gained from C-Level Executives [for 2021]
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Top IoT Challenges – Insights Gained from C-Level Executives [for 2021]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the faster-emerging tech trends in recent years. Put simply, IoT offers the ability to connect humans with devices and communicate effectively. Given the impact of global pandemics like COVID-19, IoT-implemented companies have started to perform exceedingly well according to some reports. 

However, IoT app development and implementations are no short of challenges. 

In this post, we engaged with some of the Founders, Co-Founders, and CEOs to share their insights on the biggest IoT challenges they will face in 2021 and we have shared some interesting responses below.

Jennifer Willy – Editor at

Due to the rapid change of technology, there are both new trends and challenges for the app development companies and now after the long-lasting impact of COVID-19, this change is accelerated. Some of the important challenges that they will face in the coming years are mentioned below. First of all, it is difficult to create an immersive enterprise while remaining cost-effective. 

Apps nowadays are all about attracting customers with immersive UI and enterprise and it is difficult to maintain the cost incurred on such added features. Secondly, judging the ROI (Return of Investment) on long term projects is important. In such, long-term projects, revenue profits are not immediate and one has to wait for a long time for any returns. 

So, to indulge in such a project is a big challenge for companies in the future. Lastly, the lack of partnership between the operational unit and the IT Dept is a big issue. It is preventing big enterprises from getting involved in innovative initiatives.

Michael Yurushkin – CTO & Founder of BroutonLab

Michael is a CTO & Founder of BroutonLab, a Data Science Company that completed over 50 AI development projects with a total value of over $1 million. Michael is an expert in Deep Learning, specifically its applications in Computer Vision, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning.

I feel like the biggest challenge to look out for is security. Hacker attacks can happen on different layers, and developers need to implement security solutions to fight possible intruders. 

Unlike other software, IoT is vulnerable when it comes to software and hardware. There are many
communication channels to intercept, making security a number one priority.

IoT developers will also need to utilize 5G speed wherever it’s available. It opens an array of possibilities that were simply impossible without this technology. 

Until 5G becomes the standard, IoT developers will have to approach different areas with high-speed and low-speed solutions.

Vladlen Shulepo – CEO at Riseapps.

Vladlen Shulepov, CEO at Riseapps.

IoT is a technology that is, in general, better handled by well-skilled developers. However, there are specific pitfalls to the Internet of Things app development, and here are the three most important of them.

Data processing
As the Internet of Things apps deal with huge amounts of data, they should be built in a way that will allow smooth data collection and processing. Moreover, the architecture of an IoT application should withstand storing all the involved data.

This is the most relevant issue of the Internet of Things. The concept of this technology is not the most secure, to begin with, so it requires a lot of effort to make IoT software well-protected. The main challenge for developers is implementing all the necessary security features, including encryption, device authentication, and more.

Finally, connectivity will likely remain an issue for IoT, even in 2021. As such systems should transmit and process data instantly, developers must make apps that will ensure a stable connection of all Internet of Things components.

I hope you enjoyed the insights shared by some of the C-level executives across different verticals. 

We’d love to expand this post and we are looking forward to hearing insights from CEOs, CTOs, Founders about the IoT challenges they consider noteworthy in 2021. 

Feel free to contact us with the IoT challenges you consider noteworthy at with your Linkedin profile, company name, web URL, and designation. We will review and publish your insights if it’s interesting and practical. 

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