Top 5 Low-Code Platforms That You Should Consider for 2023

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Top 5 Low-Code Platforms That You Should Consider for 2023

Since the advent of low-code or no-code platforms, the way businesses develop and deliver web, and mobile apps have significantly changed. Now, companies don’t have to rely entirely on native developers and IT teams to get any product planning running. They can leverage citizen developers to create web or mobile apps in no time. 

Low-code platforms are growing fast, and the number of companies offering these robust platforms is increasing globally too. This impacts the decision-making of C-level executives of brands looking for the best low-code development platform

With a plethora of services to pick from, it is hard for any business head to nail the best one. 

If you’re one among them, this post will help you with the list of top 5 low-code platforms and the vendors offering them. 

The post will not rank the companies offering the platform; rather will help you with insights by realizing the exciting features and other perks the vendors offer to finalize the best one of your choice. 

Nevertheless, before getting started, let’s glance at why low-code platforms are celebrated worldwide and why you must invest in one to improve your customer satisfaction and branding. 

What is a low-code platform

First things first. Let’s start with the definition. Low-code platforms are nothing but software development environments that allow both pro developers and citizen developers to build applications using drag-and-drop components. 

The entire process of developing a web or mobile application requires minimal coding, saving the time and effort of developers and the IT team when it comes to integrations. 

Growth of low-code platforms in 2023

According to the latest report from Grand View Research, the global low-code development platform market size was valued at USD 5.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 22.9% from 2022 to 2030.

(Source: Grandviewresearch)

Top 10 reasons for utilizing low-code platforms for your business

  1. Drag and drop components
  2. Faster integrations
  3. Simple and easy to use
  4. Enhanced agility
  5. Reduced costs
  6. Elevated productivity
  7. Improved customer experience
  8. Improved risk management and governance
  9. Easy to upgrade and update
  10. Improved adaptability

Let’s waste no time further and dive deep into the topic. The sections below will provide you with the top 5 companies offering low-code platforms, along with their specs and other perks.

Top 5 low-code platforms you must consider in 2023

1. Appian

If you’re looking for a low-code platform that can accelerate the development of your critical app 10x faster, then you must consider Appian. The company is an automation and low-code leader with a proven track record of serving customers.

Key features of Appian low-code platform
  • Production and collaboration tools
  • Visual process models
  • Engaging interfaces
  • Facility to incorporate decision rules
  • Complete automation
Other perks
  • Eight weeks of project delivery
  • Faster applications development
  • Build once and run anywhere
  • Seamless data integration

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2. Zvolv

Thinking of an AI-powered low- or no-code development platform for your custom business requirements? Try Zvolv – the emerging leader in the no-code platform segment. Zvolv offers an intelligent automation platform that will simplify your app development processes remarkably.

Key features of Zvolv intelligent platform
  • Collaborating hub
  • Reporting nexus
  • Process mapper
  • Automation engine
  • Data and analytics
  • Project management
  • Individual components
  • Task management
  • Form builder
  • Document management
  • Dashboards and charts
  • Visualizations
  • Communications
Other perks 
  • Accelerated growth
  • Increased efficiency
  • Scalable, secure, end-to-end integrations
  • App development in days
  • AI/ML-powered platform

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3. Power Apps

If you’re a large enterprise looking for an industry-leading low-code platform for your requirement, then look no further than Microsoft Power Apps. Transform your app development and business process with Power Apps from Microsoft.

Key features of Microsoft Power Apps
  • Prebuilt templates to get started quickly
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Prebuilt AI components
  • Seamless extension capabilities
Other perks
  • Recognized as an industry leader by Gartner (2021)
  • 188% ROI over 3 years from companies using Power Apps
  • 74% Reduction in app development costs
  • 3.2 hours/week of improvement in line-of-business productivity
  • Integration with 1000s of data sources

4. Outsystems 

If you’re looking for an innovative and high-performance delivering low-code platform, you must have Outsystems at the top of your list. Outsystems offers a simple and intuitive platform that is celebrated by lots of users across the globe.

Key features of Outsystems low-code platform
  • Supercharged development environment to develop high-performance applications
  • Collaboration tools to boost your team’s productivity
  • Single-click app deployment
  • Build apps for your internal workforce
  • Customer portals
Other perks
  • Low-code without compromise
  • Designed for modern-day critical use cases
  • Low-code app development leader
  • Simplified development
  • Highly innovative
  • Supercharged performance

5. Kissflow

Is investing in an enterprise-friendly low-code platform to increase your app development speed at an affordable cost your objective? You’re at the right place – Kissflow’s low-code platform can be your best bet. 

As a leading low-code platform services, the company has been serving a lot of customers all over the globe.

Key features of Kissflow’s low-code platform
  • Application builder to create tailor-made applications
  • Custom UI to set custom landing pages
  • Developer sandbox to deliver a seamless development experience
  • Application deployment to keep releasing new builds seamlessly
  • Extensive integrations to connect with well-known data sources
Other perks
  • Brings business and IT together
  • Streamlines ad-hoc requests
  • Centralized console for management
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Endless innovation

Wrapping up

Here we are with the list of the top 5 low-code development platforms and their features. I believe your search to find the best low-code app development platform for your unique needs ends here. 

The emerging platforms are the new normal, and companies leveraging them are experiencing more extraordinary results compared to others.

If you’ve not tried any of the innovative platforms yet, try one today before your competitor does. Are you looking for more details or want to realize the complete potential of the platform?

We are all ears to hear from you.

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