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Outsourcing software testing minimizes employee onboarding time and eliminates the need to hire in-house QA engineers. This cuts costs and saves time. Contact us to learn more about our software testing outsourcing services.

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    Why our Testing Services.

    Software product development is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that involves assembling a skilled team of developers. However, the process doesn’t end with writing the final line of code. Ensuring that your product meets quality standards requires thorough software testing, which your development team may not be fully equipped to handle. Hiring an entire QA department may seem like the only option, but it can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.
    Fortunately, outsourcing software testing to a trustworthy provider is a viable alternative. By entrusting your QA needs to a dependable software testing outsourcing company, you can receive a product that boasts impeccable quality, unwavering reliability, and an engaging user experience. If you’re seeking software testing outsourcing services, you’ve landed in the right place, as it happens to be our area of expertise.
    With over 20 years of experience in the market, Hakuna Matata Solutions is among the select few outsourcing software testing companies that possess both the necessary expertise and the drive for continuous improvement to excel in this industry. Whether you require long-term software testing outsourcing services or short-term assistance for a specific aspect of QA, we’ve got you covered

    Our Services.

    New Product Development

    Mobile App Testing

    Achieving tangible results through testing actual scenarios on Android and iOS platforms

    Automation Testing

    We provide automation testing services that offer exceptional return on investment and extensive test coverage, positioning us as industry leaders.

    Manual Testing

    Our manual testing services are based on risk assessment and cover all device combinations, catering to all development models.

    Performance Testing

    By testing your product's operational capabilities under varying loads, we ensure the optimal user experience is achieved.

    Web Service Testing

    Our thorough testing process ensures that your API & Web Services are exceptionally reliable, secure, and functional.

    Key Outcomes.

    Our UX Design and Development Services simplify UX using Figma components, standardize UX across web and mobile, and convert designs to Angular/React code.
    Our services offer a range of solutions such as ready-to-deploy microservices, an expanding library of automations for various business functions, and standardized documentation for effortless implementation.
    Our offerings comprise an integration services/API toolkit, business-process workflows with approval matrix for seamless application operation, and pre-configured integration rules for easy setup.
    We deliver pre-defined security profiles for different user groups, automated end-to-end test scripts, and standardized test reports to ensure compliance.
    We facilitate development acceleration using the 50:20:30 concept, standardize UX across web and mobile according to business requirements with configurable options.

    ADaM Framework.


    Key Components.

    Full stack development company

    Use Cases.

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    Reduce application development and migration time and costs anywhere between 30% to 50%
    Create Faster, Cleaner & Safer applications using ADaM framework
    Access to growing library of microservices
    Build – Own – Reuse – Access to source code of all services and all custom development carried out
    Lower TCO – No user licensing costs
    Significant cost reduction anywhere between 30% to 50%

    Why Us?

    Design thinking

    Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

    Domain expertise

    We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.

    Client experience

    Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.
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